long month of poker

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just got back to bama after drving out to vegas.had a great time on the trip met alot of nice people and played tons of poker,mostly 2-4 limit,at the I.P. and at the flamingo in the a.m. for the aces and kings cracked whiched never happened during the time limits, then played in the freerolls offered at both of them and always made it to the final table for the chops which were around 100. three times and 143. once and 150 at the I.P. whew it felt like a full time job chaseing all these offers.went down to binnions for the 10-10-10 on the last sunday that we were there this was were if you have pocket 10 you get paid $10. if you hit tripes you get $100 and if you get 4 of a kind $10,000. well got the pocket 10 then the flop the 3rd 10 and even though i wasnt in church i was really praying for the 4th 10, but it didnt happen. but was still pleased with the $100. kick back. stayed mostly at the flamingo rooms okay a liitle run down but not bad,then went to main street rms. are okay nicer the most,then back to the flamingo,then to the orleans rms are real nice best i have seen in vegas ,then went back to flamingo then to the I.P. got upgraded to a king suite and to my surpise it was fairly nice big wide screen lcd tv and nice carpet with a huged tub in corner of the rm. though as it looked stained up kind of bad),bed was pillow top and soft. didnt win no fortune but didnt lose but half of the money we took,thats pretty good since the wife plays slots.looked at some houses while we were there but didnt find anything that made us want to make an offer on,to many of the homes we looked at had been bought cheap and rehab to cheaply and they were asking to much for them.guess if i get serious about moving out there i would rather buy my house and do my own remodling.other wise had a great time and look foward to going back out again in the spring.

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