Low Rolling at the Excalibur

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On the last day of my trip prior to leaving for home, I hit the Excalibur for a little play.

They have 1-3 spread games and 2-6 spread games. I started out on the 1-3 game since I they had no seats on the 1-3 game. The player quality was pretty bad and there was only one other decent player at the table. I hit one early hand with top pair for a little win. The problem with bad players is that they never know when to fold when the odds are against them. Of course, they end up sucking out on you then...! I had one other hand just prior to moving when I hit top two pair, but two guys drew to the river with inside straights that they hit. One was even on the bottom end of the straight and he reraised. I dropped out and considered letting them know they were making a mistake paying max bets with a small pot, but instead congratulated them on a nice hand.

I moved to the 2-6 game which is better since your are eligible for the bonuses. The bonuses are a spin on the wheel for aces cracked and the jackpot for A's full of anything beaten.

I lost my 2nd hand when I was dealt A-2 offsuit in the blind - and the flop came 2-2-Q. I had an early better and smoothcalled him to the river when he turned over a Q-2. Overall, the game was pretty soft. Lots of calling stations and people misreading hands. I did talk with one local for a while and he said that at the other table that several local rocks (4) had just set down. Apparently, this easy environment is attracting some folks. I ended up hitting a couple nice hands and ended up cashing out ahead.

The dealers and manager were friendly and accommodating. The Maid Marian, cocktail waitresses were not very attractive, but made regular rounds.

Overall, I liked this room since I enjoy spread limit games (what I play at home) and you can really punish people for limping in with garbage. You will get paid off when you make a decent hand. Bad players will suck out on you with bad draws, but in the long run - you will come out ahead if you play a disciplined patient game. A good place for beginners, especially the 1-3 game.

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