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Arrived in Vegas on the afternoon of 4/12 and headed over to Mandalay Bay for their 6 pm tourney. Last year I played in their 30 10 am tourney and won it so I thought I'd try again. First off the management there was excellant, much nicer yet still extremely professional than what I remebered (last time in Vegas i didn't even play there.) I'm glad I want back.

Arrived at about 4 and asked Mardi about comps she said $5 from the Turf Deli after four hours of play, cool. After about two hours and down $39.00 the Tourney starts. Very low chip stack, 500 but 10-10 blinds at every twenty minutes. Almost like my home game that we play tourney style so I am very comfortable. There are thirty players, with $675.00 going to first. The competition is pretty weak and all the aggresiver players start throwing around chips while I wait patiently which the blind levels allowed me to do. I get to the final table with the chip lead and play pretty aggressively and lay off when i have to and win the tourney after about two hours.

After that i was kinda Hungry and asked if I could get the comp even thought I knew the tourney was not included in the comp time. Richard gave it to me with a smile as he knew I gave a pretty good tip $60.00 to the dealers for winning the tourney. Nice touch, I'll be back.

I played four other sessions there over friday and saturday winning over $200.00 each time. I had other things to do and decided this time that after doubling my money I would get out (unless it looked really good) reather than giving the money back. This made for a very profitable trip, making about $1,400 playing no lime and that one tourney.

Mandalay has some really soft players who are pretty easy to spot and with good timing you can do pretty well. Good luck all!

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  1. Nice scores, congrats!

  2. Does that tourney still start with LHE in the first hour? It used to, and it made for a very annoying first hour.

    What cash game did you play? LHE or NLHE?

    Thier 1/2NL game is okay, but their 2/4NL is often a great game, with its $400 max.

  3. First off, let me tell you what a great resource this site is, i enjoy reading it immensely. I had my tourney print out with me and was attracted to MB because of the 88 percent return.

    The 6pm tourney is NL the whole time. The 10 am (which i won last time i played.) is still limit for the first hour.

    I play NLHE 1/2. I liked the 200 max buy and the competition was pretty soft. I watched some kid and his dad go up to the podium while i was waiting to be seated, ask questiosn about the NLHE game which indicated he had never played NLHE in a casino before, and then the kid sat at a new table with his dad's money. He lost a med pot and within ten minutes his remaining chips were in my stack, it was awesome.

    I think the 2/4 is now 2/5 and it did seem pretty wild.

    Thanks again

  4. According to the MB website it is still $ 2- $ 4 with $ 400 max ...