Megabeat Mayhem

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Left the Toronto area to drive to Detroit Airport. Bad beat #1 was having to get off the highway and use back-roads due to accidents (ice/snow). Not that bad in the end because we were staying overnite.

We choose this week(Thanksgiving) for Vegas because the prices for air/hotel are ridiculous.

We stay at the Hilton Garden Inn in Romulus as its 2 mins from the airport and you get 8 days free parking/airport shuttle. SWEET!

Arrive to hotel, $20 trick gets us a room upgrade. Made the 1pm games (wish we hadn't) at the LVH Theater. Pretty cool spot but I wouldn't make a special trip there to do it again.

I didn't do well on any big parlays, hit a few small ones (2-3 teamers) and hit some straight-up bets. Nothing big.

Played 12 hrs or so of LHE at the Mirage on the tues. I really like this room and the feel of the place as a whole. really like the sportsbook also. Bringing the parenting skills to the forefront yet again, i introduce the kid to the world of thoroughbred racing. We bet the pick5 and get the first 4/5 but of course lose the last race. He likes the horse-racing thing though. Lunch at Carnegie and back to the tables for me, son went to bally's for poker. I broke almost dead even on the poker due to hitting the random seat-draw twice consecutively. i had been playing about 10 hrs with not a sniff, then bang bang...$50/$100. Back to the room.

Woke up about 4am kid not in the room. Up again at 9 to do some work then woke the kid up. Turns out he got blasted at NLH at Bally's. Full house 9's over Q's , villain had pocket queens. Asked what he is doing and he said he was out of cash. (this is wed. we leave fri.) I toss him 3hundy to get him through and he tells me he is going back to Bally's for this Megabeat thing. I ask, he tells me what it is. I don't believe him and head off for the 11am at the the Mirage (great tourney/structure/staff...have a I mentioned I Love the Mirage??)

Maybe I'll just check with the poker desk at the Bally's poker room to see how confused the kid was about this Megabeat thing. About 5mins later I am back in the room saying, we're doing limit poker at the Flamingo and we're hitting this thing today. Off I go to the Flamingo to get sleeping beauty and I on the 2-4 limit list. 20 min wait then we're playing by around 11am.

All day I'm telling players and dealers, we're hitting it today and you're dealing it. Just having some fun with that. Table breaks after a few hours and we are assigned another table. Play a few more hours (i bought in for $100 and am sitting about $180) when this happens:

Kd/4h/Jd flop..some betting...Qd turn, bit of betting Js $4 call. Lady in seat 5, my son seat 6, other player seat 7. The lady bends over the table to look around my son to player at seat 8. She says, please tell me you have the A/10d. Seat 8 slow-rolls one card, its the 10d..the table is silent, player 8 then once again SLOW-ROLLS.......

THE BEAUTIFUL Ad for the Royal to beat the quad jacks!!

The table goes nuts (obviously) jumping, high 5s, hugging. The weird part was that it took between 5-10 secs. for the rest of the room to realize what just happened and then of course it was mayhem. The guy sitting beside me goes "you called it--you've been calling it all day. Ive been playing 12-13 hrs a day for weeks trying to hit this"

So , earlier the lady's son was at the table playing beside her is seat 5. She says may son is playing 3card poker he has to be here. So I scoot off to find him and of course he is at the last table/ playing the dealer alone. I say "buddy, you need to come rite now, your mom hit the jackpot"..he looks at me like I'm an idiot, "I say, honest, he goes no way,,i say I would F-around with something like this on him". He picks up his chips and we start walking, about 1/2 way to the poker room he starts jogging. What a great moment to see/experience that.

The winner got around $160k/loser $80k and everyone else playing poker at the 7 Caesars properties at that moment got $2700 (including me and my son of course)

Of course fate always ensures there are other stories to tell.

A very nice older couple were playing at the 1st table when it opened up in the morning. They left after a couple of hours for some lunch. We didn't see them again until our table broke and we were seated at a table that they were already at. After some time, the lady leans over the table and tells her husband that the smoke is bothering her eyes and that she wants to go to the room. She was in seat 7. Have I mentioned yet that she had to look around my son in seat 6 to talk to her husband in 5!!!!!

They were only gone an hour when it hit for the people who replaced them. I hope they never find that out.

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  1. Hey Played the previous Wed at Flamingo. Do you remember who the dealer was???

  2. That was a great read, thanks for sharing. I felt like I was there just reading your story. Nice job!!

  3. Hi Danny, i think his name was Ryan …(tall/thin young kid, very short hair, one of the faster dealers there)

  4. Thanks, I do remember him Exciting for the dealer I was hoping it was Billy