MGM Now Offering Daily Tournaments...

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Players have been asking for it, and the MGM has delivered: daily tournaments starting at 11am every Mon-Thur. Had a chance to be there yesterday for the first tournament, and it seemed to be a success. Apparently, the tournament is capped at 60 players, with an alternates list for those knocked out in the first hour of play. There were well over 80 people lined up to play in the inagural event. I hope the MGM will change the 60 person cap rule in the future if there will be this many players (or more) showing up on a daily basis. $800 in starting chips, with an additional $400 in chips if you purchase the $5 "dealer card". (Something that I've seen before at the Orleans, I believe)... Top 6 get paid based on 60 entries, which was also strange considering you could have had up to 80+ people's money in the prize pool, depending on how many alternates made it into the tournament. I will try and play in the tournament for a first hand feel, instead of just reporting what was going on while I was there...

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