MGM Pokerroom Grand Opening This Monday, March 28th

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Just made it over to the MGM Grand today to check out the new race/sportsbook and pokerroom. The room is 95% complete, and the staff was on site preparing for the open. Here are the details that I got: The room has all 22 tables put in there, each with a marble "race track" around the outside. The tables look unique, from what I've seen in other casinos. Each spot has their own drink holder built in. The tables all have automatic shufflers, and a new computer system built in to page a waitress/page an open seat to whoever is running the board. These computers also rate the players for comps. Apparently, lower limit tables will offer $1 an hour for comps, while higher limit games (one's that have a time collection) will comp at $2 an hour. The will be a "featured table" on the 2nd floor balcony overlooking the race and sports book. This table will be used for the highest limit game, and other special events. The room is scheduled to open first thing Monday morning. For those somewhat familiar with the MGM Grand, you will easily be able to locate the room outside of Studio 54 and the Rainforest Cafe. Hope to see everyone there!

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