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Arrived at the Four Seasons again for the 4th consecutive year and its even better than before. They have added a bar/coffee bar and it is very handy in that you dont have to trek through the casino to get a coffee/muffin etc. in the mornings. The outdoor seating area is very nice with pretty seating areas and gas fire-pits, a great place to have dinner or after-dinner drinks.

For those familiar with the property , they have changed the happy hour from 4pm-7pm to 9pm-11pm this week.

Have only played about 3 hrs of NL at Mandalay. 6 rocks and 3 agros at the table. Watched 2/3 agros bust out within the first 1 1/2 hrs. I dropped $50 total for the session with a $130 buyin.

Made all my football bets on the day we arrived ( last tues) . Took a bunch of str8 nfl bets $50 each , a few college games $50 each and 8 parlays ranging between $20-$40 each. Bet a total of $650.

Hit a couple of early college games then took another $250 and bet $450 on NC state at -24. They covered easy. Got a miracle comeback from MIZZ in the 4th qtr. to cash a 4 teamer for $550. Total cash between the 2 $1410.

Had a 7 team live yesterday and needed the cowboys to close it out for the cash of $2125. OOOOPPSSS an 11point lead wasnt enuff as Dallas thought it would be great to let san diego score on 5 of its last 6 possessions!!!

Here is where i need the opinions of some sports bettors. I have a $30 7-teamer that is live for tonight. I have new orleans -6.5 and if the cover i get $2250 if not , obviously nothing.

Do i take a back-up bet on the dolphins to guarantee a cash and if so, how much???

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  1. Moved to discussion forum as its not really a trip report

  2. I am seeing some places moving the line to Miami plus 7.5. If that is the case, whatever you decide to bet on Miami gives you the chance to both hedge against N.O. not covering the minus 6.5 and also lets you win both the parlay and the Miami wager if N.O. wins by exactly a touchdown (assuming you can find it at Miami plus 7.5).

    Even if you can only get Miami at plus 7, I would still probably hedge (25% - 50% of the total parlay), but I am risk adverse in these situations.

  3. Thx Krudler, it also just occured to me this afternoon that the line will likely move up but i havent been into the book yet. I am limited to the Mandalay so i'll take a look in an hour or two after more action rolls in. Thx for the advice on the amount to hedge too. Its appreciated.

  4. Hedged for 300 on miami. Had a 50 win ticket on New Orleans also. Cashed the 7 team parlay plus the win ticket For $2300 ish minus the $300 hedge . Total for trip up just over $3k. Michael Jackson show tomorrow nite then home Wed. A,m. Back to vegas american thksgiving week solo. Should be much more poker.

  5. As a continually disappointed Bears fan, I could've told you not to worry about a hedge. Nice cashes though!

  6. A little late to the conversation, but in my opinion, I always hedge with one game left. I try to get 10-15 times my original bet. Your $30 paying 2200+/- would call for a hedge on Miami of $300-$450, leaving you with as much as $1800 or worst case $420. I had the Green Bay last year vs. Seattle for $20 on 7 teams, hedge $300 on Seattle but I am still pissed about that call 2 years later.