Nov 2010 ( I know, a little late!) but Poker and Parlays!

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I know this report is a bit dated but since it is my first post, I thought it would be a good place to start. Background: A buddy of mine and I make 1 to 2 trips to Vegas a year. Once in Nov and sometime once in the spring. I believe Nov is a great time b/c the Poker (of course) and all the football bets one could make. We we first started coming down to Vegas (5 or 6 years ago) we started at the Sahara. It was a great place to break in to playing live games as we were pretty new to the game.

Anyway, we get in on a Thursday evening flight and get straight to IP and check in. We catch a cab to Sahara for 11pm tourney. We had been staying at the Sahara on trips in the past and enjoyed low buyin tourneys with lots of people. 39 people and I take 3rd for about $330. (Good start to the trip!)

Friday: Play a little 2-4 Limit at IP to wake up a bit. Miss out on my KK cracked with a AJJA7 board with 3 players... some how my KK holds. Up $50. We then head over to play Harrah's 10am with 22 entries and I take 4th for $60. Then, play Harrah's 3pm with 35 and I am out in 12th (no cash). We then play Harrah's 8pm bounty with 27 players and I take 3rd for $220.

Saturday: In the morning I place a $20 4-game college football parlay and then place a $20 5-game parlay down for my buddy (he doesn't watch much football). We decide if we win we just split it 50-50. We head over to Caesar's for the 12pm tourney. There were 81 entries. I get hot early and catch some great cards. Pocket 88 hits a set I get 3 smaller stacks all in post-flop. Old guys hits a gutter on river but I still take a nice side pot. We get down to 2 tables and I have super agg player on my right... he is pushing a lot and had a pretty bad attitude! Big raise from V and I look down at AA (thank you!) I re-pop and he commits the rest of his stack. He has A10 and I send him walking. Another hand of note. Big stack at the table leads out for raise of 11000. I look at AK. I have about 35000. I push guy on my left calls (he has about 20000) Big stack tanks and finally folds 10s. Guy to my flips AQ and hits a Q... pretty bummed my AK lost to that hand I would have been pretty healthy going into final table... I get to the final table pretty short stacked and got out with 66 vs KK. I place 9th for $150. Head back to Harrah's for 8pm bounty tourney with 38 and go out in 19th. Later that night we watch our final games in our college bets... one goes into OT and we hit the other comes down to a INT on the 5 yard line... our picks hold WE HIT! Turn $40 in to $660 for a nice $330 a piece! Play one session of 1-2 NL at Harrah's late that night. Buyin for $200 cash out at $325. What a great day!

Sunday: In the morning I head straight to sports book a I place a $40 NFL 3-game parlay. I had to pick from morning games as we are out on a afternoon flight. We watch the games and sit a play morning session of 1-2 NL at Harrah's. Buyin for $200 cash out at $300. Our NFL games come through and we turn $40 into $265!

Final totals:
Tourneys - cash 4 of 6 for $760
Cash Games up $275
Football Bets - up $925 ($460 a piece)

Was fun trip across and one I wanted to share. I plan on posting a couple more. More importantly my buddy and I are heading down this Sunday May 6th until Thursday 10th to play. Most likely we will be playing Harrahs, IP, Mirage, maybe Bally's and Flamingo. Maybe we will cross some paths with some AVPers! Can't wait!!!!

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