Poker Dad's week with 23 year old daughter trip to Vegas part 1

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Saturday Sept 25

Direct flight from Baltimore to Vegas, Flight leaves on time is 100% full, daughter and I get first row of seats (extra leg room)
first win, plane arrives 25 minutes early 2nd win. It is 9 am vegas
No line for taxi. Staying @ condo I share with brother bought May 2010, 4 miles south of Mandalay Bay on the strip. Easy ride 20 bucks plus tip and we are in our condo.

Next nice win have nice bottle of wine waiting on table from gf boss & wife who use the condo last month along with nice note.
Get battery attached to car ride to Walmart for supplies and ac is working great, prior couple add feon to car while they use it.
(Big win)

Linz, not feeling great both deceide to grab a couple hours of rest and I hit the pool around 2pm. Nap does both of us good, go the pool (first small lost hot tub not working and repairs taking place next week).

Have tickets to comedy show for 4 pm. (call get ok to use in Nov. next trip --push). Head out to Stratosphere lounge 107
for happy hour bewteen 4 n 7. Nice spot deal is two for one drinks each person must order 2 to get one and small plates half off. Daughter had chocolate martini and thought they were
great. I was driving water for me plus we had 2 plates of beef sliders (6) that were very nice. Cost 30 befor tip. View is great
get several pictures great way to start a visit to Vegas. (tip: ask employees how to get 107 lounge will make finding it a breeze).

We drive up I 15 to Cosmopolitian, it is a 2 miles or about 15 minutes welcome to Vegas traffic on Saturday, valet park, hotel and casino are to me a must see. Daughter loves the designer stores and people watching walk over to Crystals shopping area more of the same. Continue walking up to Aria and daughter places here first 2 football bets. Sport book is great in helping her, might not hurt her that she is 5 ft 7 and 125 lbs and X cheerleader, but I am sure they would help a balding 54
dad. bets gaints plus 8.5 against eagles ravens minus 4.5

Tram to Bellagio, another great spot, see the flower displays, lobby and head outside for the fountain I have seen many times the floweres foundations and main lobby still a great way to spend 3o minutes in vegas. Walk 10 minutes up to Cosmo and its a 15 minute ride to condo.

Medium lost window of back seat to car gets stuck half up and will not move. Daughter in for the night. It's about 9 30 I change into jeans and walk across the street to Stoney's have a few beers(5), meet women from Baltimore I recogize but did not know, end up having a nice time 2 stepping with her and couple of her friends for a few hours. Call it a night around 1am
(no poker but nice day one with daughter)

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  1. A day in Vegas and no poker?!? Wow, you must have a lot of discipline...I would have tanked at least a couple of benjamins first day. Good on you for hanging with the daughter though. However, if Day 2 does not include poker, you should be banned from ever going to Vegas again! :smile:

  2. no bad beat stories?? no tales of chipping up?? Get with it man!