Poker Dad's week with 23 year old daughter trip to Vegas part 2

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Sunday Are you ready for some football

Up at 8 in church for 9 30 mass. Fyi churches in vegas I always
find to be standing room only. My poker skills can use all the extra help I can get.

Head over to LV Hilton. They have a great set up. The usaul sport book is more than fine and the deli was very good. Both my daughter and I order the chicken caesar wrap and we both looked at each other and said this is really really good. What a nice surprise for 8 bucks each. What the Hilton special is that they have a 1500 seat theater with all the games going. Talk about football overload 11 screens and fans yelling for each game. Free to get in drinks around 7 a piece. Watch the 2nd half of Giants win and the whole Raven game. Daughter won both bets. She is 18.20 to the good. Can not believe how tired I am from watching so many games at once,

Head up to try In N Out burger. Have to say I will not be going back. Nothing wrong, just nothing special.

Drop daughter off at condo. Head down to MB for 1/2 nl.
Play for about 3 hours leave down 105. Did hit top set on flop to run into made straight. Good news he only had about 199 to start. Other good news flop a heart flush in big blind to lose to higher flush with no other hearts hitting the board again good news he only had about 60 bucks to start hand.

I like playing MB always friendly room. Just has right amount of class for me to feel comfortable.

Summary daughter had a great time ...huge NFL fan. Lost min. on 2 hands calling this day another winner

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  1. Reading about your two "beats" lead me to believe you neglected your Vegas prayers at Mass.

    Holy Mother full of Grace,
    Let my good hands hold up
    In this Vegas place.

  2. Like it.
    Idea of a Vegas prayer.

    Might have to save it for the really good stuff.