Poker Dad's week with 23 year old daughter trip to Vegas part 5

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Wednesday, daughter going to check out MGM pool they want $20 bucks so see goes to Monte Carlo instead free has a nice time. I finish up work around 1 pick he up we have a fencing lesson down by Orleans to try out. Doesn't go off schedule for thursday instead of wednesday, no major lost, drop Linz off at condo. I head to Tropicana get hours for freeroll in and try my luck.

One gane of 1/2 NL going. Table has 2 LAG players and it is being straddle about 30% of the time. Hand of note plays with 4 staddle from button (120) sb calls (100) bb calls (150) utg call (285) hero calls (283) K K lag1 (190) raises 16 Manic reraise 46(240). fold around to utg tanks makes call. I tank 15 seconds announce raise tank all in. instant fold LAG, tank fold manic, utg tanks a minute calls K,Q spades. Folp being Q one spade followed by another spade and blank on river.

Nice. Interesting part the UTG is left with 2 bucks wins next pot tips a buck has about 11 wins next pot 3 ways tips a buck. wins next hand all in 3 ways tips a buck lose small hand hits next all in ran 2 bucks up to about 190 less than full round of blinds to lose it all to manic before blinds come back to him.

Manic loses about 700 in hour and half, and I would consider in a good card player in normal times not sure what went wrong for him. Poker players are crazy.

Go back to Monte Carlo to see about tickets for Carrot Top or Jabbawockeez both nights only top end tickets available and little or no local discount. Deceide to see Moneyball at the South Point (nice place to see movie) movie is good go down to Steak N Shake. Haven't had a shake in years, glad I did it was great nice little friendly place near the sp poker room.

Summary now ahead 185 for the trip in poker. Linz is working on a good tan. Moneyball was fun. Been keeping up with work
things are going well. Surprise winner the window of car started working at end of the night.

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  1. I hate to be critical, but your grammar and spelling are terrible and I am having a hard time following your posts. It's like trying to break code.