Breakfast at the IP Teahouse - hmmm!!
Take a drive out to Red Rock Canyon - Very good well recommended and only a short drive from LV.
Call into Red Rock casino on the way back what a lovely casino and the card room looks great.
Went to Joes in the Caesars Shops in the evening and had a very nice seafood meal. Well recommended.
5 of us ended up at Excalibur to have a look at the Pokertec room. It was busy and thoughts aside about it replacing live dealers they were able to set up a number of SNG games for us which were good fun.

Tuesday drive out to the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead and the Valley of Fire.
Tip - I could not find anywhere to buy water between entering Lake Mead and the interstate on the other side of Valley of Fire. Go prepared.
Again, a fantastic place and worth the visit.
Lake Mead appears very low.
Enter the 6pm $120 tourney at Golden Nugget (part of their series). About 20 players, but a fun enjoyable game with good company. Great Canadian lady from South Carolina playing.
N goes out third and I go out second losing to Ian a good LV player originally from Guyana.

Wednesday - Raining in LV. The storm drain that runs through the Imperial Palace is spectacular.
Bust out early of the noon Venetian.
End up playing 2/4 at Harrahs.

Thursday- Thanksgiving. More rain in LV!
Drive to the Rio, not that impressed!
play noon Venetian. Lose a load of chips with KJ vs KQ on a KKAQ3 board. Then waiting for a spot to push. In the BB with 1600 plus 200 BB. Folds to SB with about 9k who raises to 600. I push for 1800 total with A,10. He calls with K,2. I get an A but he gets 4 to the flush.

Play some 4/8 at the V. Wow the standard of play is awful. 4/8 at the V must be like 2/4 at a lesser casino. Lost some big pots with AA beat by K7 and then 6,7 beaten by QQ on a Q7678.
Unlucky but stay here for wq while and you will make money

Evening play the Wynn and do a split last 5. It's easier than getting colluded against.

Friday - Breakfast at Coco's. Have a look around Motel6. Looks OK to me.
Play noon at Venetian. Got big pairs lots of times in first two levels but only got paid of once. Had to lay Aces down on the turn against a flush. He showed the flush thankfully. Busted 40/175.
Played 7pm Wynn. Player on my right is hitting everything and before the end of first level is on around 40k having taken out two players. He never folds PF and calls most PF raises. I'm just waitinfg for my momemt with him on my right when.....
MP calls 100, luckbox calls 100. I'm on button with AA. Iknow luckbox will call most raises so I make it 1K to go and MP folds luckbox calls.
Flop 10,J,Q. He would raise PF with AK and in fact he comes out betting. I raise allin and he instacalls with........8.9!!
Still, I don't mind he was a nice guy from Canada now living in LV for the winter and he was willing to gamble. GL to him.

Play the 10pm TI. Awful play by some of the people here. one of the softest tournaments I have found in LV but the poor structure means you cannot sit still. Great room and the staff are A1. Go out 5th for a double up in money.

Saturday - meet N and M for early lunch in California Pizza Kitchen in Mirage. Play the $330 at Caesars. Great format game and fantastic cardroom. Loose plaenty with QJ vs Q8 on QQA8x board. Stone dry card dead for ages and have to call a SB push all in from BB with K6. SB has QJ and hits.
In this game there was a man who limped and flat called any raise preflop every single hand. Just could not get paid off.

Sunday - Mirage bufet and home. Grat flight with BA plenty of room as no one next to me and got loads of sleep.

Overall - I had some bad luck with a poor run of cards. But I could have taken advantage of some situations. Everyone I met was friendly and I had such good fun despite losing. Isn't that what vegas is for!
Play the Wynn in the evening

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