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Reports & Blogs by aub51 about Golden Nugget Las Vegas, MGM Grand Posted

Golden Nugget

First off I only played the 1/2 NL games in every casino. In my mind the holdem games are like bingo. Only played in the evening.

First stop was the Nugget. I have been to vegas many times but never downtown. A buddy of mine said to check the Nugget out for poker only. The room is average with the playing being loose and I thought pretty soft. There seemed to be a lot of wanta be world series of poker champs at my table. One hand in particular buddy keep calling every bet and or raise and had Q7 with no draws at all. Everyone was very sad to see him leave. I played pretty tight and ended up even through the evening play. I was pretty much card dead most of the night but when I did get cards I made some money. One thing I am not used to is the no maximum on buy in. Not sure if I like that or not. The dealers were good but not overly friendly. Side note the buffet is very good although not cheap

Monte Carlo

Next stop was the Monte Carlo. I liked this room as it reminded me of my home casino room back home. The room was much brighter than the Nugget, dealers were good and very friendly. Service overall was very good. The play was a mix of good and average players, not very many really bad players. Play was for the most part tight at least at my table. One hand in particular which set me up for a winning night was AK on the BB. I raised when it got to me and was reraised by orginal caller. Calling that the flop came QJ10 for the straight. I checked and he bet 50. I reraised to 100 and he called. River was a 3 and I moved allin about 125. He calls right away and turns over AJ to my AK riverr was 3. I was sorry to see him leave. I finished up on the evening but stayed to long making the morning an extra early one.


This was the nicest casino as far as tables, chairs and set up. The service was excellent and the dealers were the best of the trip. Maybe its because I read a lot of reviews prior but I really noticed the music and the noise level in general. The play at the table was without question the loosest ,if thats a word ,of any of the casinos. There was only one real poker player at my table. Now had I any cards at all I would have loved this table but to say I was card dead was an under statement. I was folding almost every hand and playing garbage just to get into a hand. I keep muttering to myself on good hand please..... I ended up down on the night however I will be back to the MGM on the next trip in hopes of finding some cards. I would love to say there was a hand to talk about but there was none for me.

Planet Hollywood

The was home base for me although I had to share a room with the boss the rooms were great. Big bathrooms and very nice beds. I would stay here again in a heartbeat. In fact my next trip is in Sept and I am staying here again, no boss this time.

The poker room is brand new and I thought it was very good. Tables, chairs and service were very good. The dealers were not as good as the MGM or the Monte Carlo but they were more than adaquate. I played here more than once and had no trouble getting a seat a table any time. They remembered my after my second appearance and knew what I was playing from then on.

The games at PH were for the most party loose. A lot of tv players who stayed in with any cards at all. The betting was not that great with a lot of limpers and folders on any raises. Most of them should have been playing holdem. Had a number of bad beats here where they stayed to the bitter end no matter what. On the whole i was down a fwe dollars but that was because of not playing that well. Had some cards but bet played them poorly. I will be back to this room there is money to be made here.

Overall a great trip, best room I would say the Monte Carlo but I would play in all but the Nugget again. I cant wait until my next trip in September to try out some of the other rooms.


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