Pre Christmas Vegas Poker Trip


I came into town on Friday Dec 14th (Direct flight in from Orlando). I was staying at NYNY the first two nights and then at TI for 5 nights. I was up on the 39th floor of the empire building at NYNY.
The first night I got in I went over to play at MGM. I played 1/2 NL. I was at the table for no more than 45 minutes before I went through 2 buy-in's ($400). a cowboy was playing and raising and re-raising with any two cards. I picked up pocket 9's. He had raised to $15. I made it $65 to go. He called. The flop came 10-7-7. I only had another $80 or so in front of me, and decided to push. I like the flop woth my pocket pair. He calls and flips over 7-3o. Yes it was going to be that kind of night. I picked up Q's and got involved in another hand with the Cowboy and another player who ended up having K's the same hand. The flop was 10 high. On the flop after the cowboy raised, I reraised all-in to take it down, and got called by both players. I did have the cowboy beat. I had about $20 in front of me and called it a night in poker. I generally find that I don't have good success the first night I come into town after working all day on the east coast. I decided to call it a night after winning $200 in BJ.

On Saturday I went over to Mandalay hoping to find a 2/4 NL game. What I found was a 1/2 NL game where the table ended up with a ton of cash on it. I ended up with a profit of over $400 after 10 hours of play. It was an interesting table. I had aces cracked by 6-2o. I then in turn cracked A's with 6-4 of spades and hit a straight on the flop. I milked it and basically sucked about $300 off the player with Aces. This hand made up for my card dead period.
On Saturday night I went over to the Venetian and played 2/5 NL. It is generally a great game especially on a weekend night (Love to see those TAO drunks). The game was a light tighter this time. I had to grind out a profit. I ended up about $350 for the session. I called it a night about 3pm for two reasons- one the table didn't have the TAO drunks, and I was beginning to feel a little run down.

When I got up on Sunday I went over to MGM and played some 2/5 NL. The table had some huge stacks consdering the $500 max buy-in. One player had alomst $3,500. Two other players had $1,500. Almost every other player had the max. It was a great game to be at. I ended up a few hundred for the session.
I went over to TI. I ended up playing a little 1/3 NL prior to the start of the headhunter tournament. It was an uneventful session. Pretty much had a small profit. I collected 2 bountys in the headhunter tourny, so I ended up down $25. It is a great tourny. They are a blast to play. I ended up playing in the mix game the rest of that night. Most of the regulars were there (LVMichael, Cindy, ilikecheese, Sabrina, and Yappy Dave). I did alright that night in the mix game. I actually had a profit. Breaking even is the sign of a good day playing that game. It is more for fun than aything else.

On Monday I was feeling that well- I ended up playing the Noon Venetian tourny and busted out in the 4th round. I then went over to Bellagio and played a little 5/10 NL. I ended up down a few hundread for the session. I should not have been playing in the game because by this point I was not feeling good at all. I ended up going over to Planet Hollywood and played the Monday night Grinder tourny and busted out right after the first break. I believe that is the fourth round of that tournament. After a nice brief stint at the Craps tables at Paris I went back over to Bellagio and dumped those winnings and a few hundread at the 5/10 NL game. I decided to call it a night.
On Tuesday I was feeling pretty bad. I ended up playing the Noon and 8pm tournys at the Venetian. I busted out in the fourth round of both. Andy Bloch played in the 8pm and actually busted out in the third round, which made me feel a little better. Plus in the 8pm some hit an A when the money went in preflop flop when they had Ax and I had pocket 9's. After busting out in the tournament I went over to play the mix game at TI, and went through a period of having the second best hand over and over again. It was like Groundhog day over and over again. I actually had to rebuy into the game after being felted. Shortly there after I was not feeling well at all an decided to get some sleep.
On Wednesday the only poker I played was the bounty tournament at TI. I actualy was doing well, but lost two big pots which knocked me out. On both hands I was winning until the river and the money went in on the flop. Pocket 10's losing to AQ, with an A hitting on the river was the killer. I actually went over to the Palms for a little while on Wednesday but found my way bak to TI. A this point I was feeling so bad I think I had about 13-14 hours worth of sleep.

I woke up on Thursday, and played the Noon at the Venetian. The first break came and went and then started the longest 30 minutes- the fourth level. I keep looking up at the clock all throughout that level, just thinking how I was going to bust out this time. Somehow I survived and I got the feeling I was going to be alive for a while. I was short stacked the majority of the time, but ended up getting down to the final two tables. I busted out right before the bubble in 14th place. Considering the Halls I kept popping I was pleased with my showing. I decided to play the 10pm tourny at TI after taking a quick nap. Right after the first break I doubled up when I had pocket q's against pocket 5's. I one a few more hands and went to the final table as one of the two large chip stacks. The action was pretty heavy as you would expect as the blinds were large compare to the stacks. I ended up in the money in 3rd place out of 38 players. I lost when I reraised all-in with a flush and straight draw against a player who ended up having A-2, and catching a A on the flop. I called it a night after that.

On Friday I decided to play the Noon Venetian one last time. I made it through the 4th level. The tourny drew 121 players. I busted out about 50th or so. I was a roller coaster through out this tournament but I was playing and feeling better then the previous few days, so I decided to go play at the Wynn for a few hours prior to catching my flight to my family. I played 2/5 NL for a few hours and ended up with a small profit for the session.

All things consdiered it was a good trip. I ended up a little short, mostly due to the Bellagio 5/10 NL session, and the fact that my tourny winnings didn't add up to my buy-in's, but it was fun.

Already looking forward to the next trip.

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  1. It was a pleasure seeing you again, for the brief moment that I did get to see you during your trip!! Hope you have a very very very very.....


  2. OK she only yelled once. And it was because of my tie. I think the unders have it. Maybe Nam will come in and pump the numbers up!

  3. It was a pleasure playing with you clem.

    Go Tigers.

  4. Hopefully we will have a good showing against Auburn. I think the first team to get to the 20's wins. It should be low scoring.

    I think I will be back in March for a long weekend. It was good to see a fellow Tiger at the table....