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So my wife and I travel down to Vegas at least once a year from Canada,Saskatchewan to be exact.We usually stay at MGM or Paris,however this time we will be staying at Aria. Anyway we always book our flights and hotel seperately,seems we find better deals this way.We wanted to go October 2-7 and stay at Aria but all the flight times are terrible as they have us getting in rather late on the 2nd. She found a flight on Oct 1 that gets us into Vegas at 7:45. I told her that was fine but we would have to stay another nite in the hotel and so raise the cost of the trip. She told me and I still cant believe my wife would say this that we could just stay up all nite and gamble and check in the next day on the 2nd and skip that nite in a hotel room.For a woman who likes the finer things in life I could not believe my ears.A nite in vegas with no hotel room and the ability and permission to gamble to my hearts content. DO I have the greatest wife or what? Should be a fun time . I will be sure to write a report once the trip is over and done with.

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  1. only thing better is is she sent you on your own :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: ...but yeah sounds like fun look forward to a trip report.

  2. I tend to agree with you regarding booking air fare and hotel separately. I recently booked a trip for October 3rd through the 7th and was pleased to find a very reasonable rate for hotel and air through Southwest so I bit the bullet and booked everything through Southwest. One thing I think holds true is to not book your rental car through the airline if indeed a rental car is part of your plans. You are fortunate to have such an understanding wife. I know if I pitched that plan to my wife I would get that look like I was on crack or something.

  3. Sounds like fun, but remember, if you are trying to save the cost of an extra hotel night you may spend more than the cost of the room staying up all night gambling.

    What if you are losing? Will you still gamble all night until your room is ready? Just curious.

  4. Zin
    • Zin

    Pay the extra night will be a lot cheaper than gambling all night, get you a cheap room downtown for 1 night, downtown is way better than the strip anyway.

  5. If Im down money the only way to win it back is to gamble.This is not to be confused with chasing your losses. I dont play the slots to much I usually just stick to poker, baccarat and roulettte.

  6. @pootyhead

    And if you gamble and lose more than the extra nights room would have cost, then what did you gain?

    I guess you are relying on winning.

    Enjoy your trip.