presidents day weekend poker rush

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spent february 16th thru the 19th in sin city. Stayed at the Sahara and i must say i liked it. First day there played in a 1/2 NL game in mid afternoon for about 3 hours came out ahead 215. It was by far the best 1/2 game i've ever played in anywhere anytime. My wife even sat at the table and the entire table laughed joked nobody bullied. Pre-flop raises stayed below 20. Just an awesome experience. the tournament is structured very well and on saturday 11pm tourney had 113 entries for a first prize just a notch below 2,500$. Finished somewhere around 40th place. tourney paid out 11 spots.
played 1/2 NL at monte carlo on my trip and must say the action was crazy. Saw a few 600+ pots for a while but i just waited for a hand and stuck for a good 350-400$ dollar pot then bailed before i was pushed all in again which i'm sure would've been soon. seemed like a mix of locals and tourists. 3 players at table seemed like locals but wasn't positive.
played 1/2 NL also at the flamingo and stardust on this trip. Flamingo was very nice, well run, great tables. Took a bad beat there on trip kings i had to a weak boat. Was up about 250 on a 100$ buy -in and pushed all in on my trip kings with a jack kicker only to get called and busted on a kings full of three's boat. oh well at least he was nice guy that beat me and didn't celebrate or rub it in. actually he almost folded he told me(wish the hell he would have now)anyways only out a hundred on that in all reality. Stardust has a very nice room maybe a hidden gem in my opinion. loose locals and tourists made a 200$+ score in 1/2 NL. Not to mention i scored an 800$ run at the three card poker table while waiting to get in the poker room. 2 straight flushes in 10 minutes with 10$ on the pair plus button. I have found a new love in 3 card poker. pair plus pays 40 to 1 odds in that game for a straight flush,i will hate to see the stardust torn down within the next year i really like that casino.

anyways all in all a great poker trip. Lost a little in late night NL cash games at sahara from just being tired and making a few loose calls. all said and done only down 100 from all the games i played. not bad could have been better but not complaining. another interesting tid bit....billy idol's estranged father is a poker dealer at the sahara. An older gentleman named john with white hair, if you see him you will see the billy idol resemblance. how cool is that! as he was leaving the room after his shift i yelled out "hey it's a nice day for a white wedding" he just laughed and had a few choice words for his son whohe hasn't spoken to in probably ten years. wanted to play MGM and caesars but never really got around to it. next time for sure!

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