Pretty good first Vegas Poker experience

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Hit Vegas 7/30 after loooooong delay in Atlanta about 1:30 pm. Checked into Excalibur ($20 dollar tip worked and was an omen for the rest of the trip!!). Bubbies checked into Hooters and came back to pick me up to grab some food. Made it to Stratosphere for 8pm tourny. Played fairly TAG and made it to final table out of 30 players, but AKs didn't improve versus 77 and left in 7th place. Felt good as this was 1st ever live B&M event. Went to PH after to play cash game and really like the vibe (except the LOUD construction going on all night.) Played until about 3:30a (total 27 hours awake) and finished up $115. After 3 hours sleep we headed downtown and played at Binion's $70 2pm tourney. Lots of players (around 75) Met some really friendly people and hung aroud to bust out at 25th on a runner runner flush after pushing with 2 pair(another omen). Later headed to Sahara 7pm event and played in with ELF (glad I didn't take the last longer bet LOL) Right before 2nd break get delt 56s in BB limp in with 2 others flop comes 569 rainbow. I check,as do other players. Turn is a Q of the 4th suit I check, EP player bets 100, fold to me, I raise to 300. EP re-raises all-in, I instacall. He has QJ. River is ,that's right,a J!!!! I'm out early, but oh well that's Poker right??? HEad to the Venetian to try to recoup. This place is WOW!! Sit down at a table where everyone thinks they are Phil Ivey or something. Play pretty well and cash out up $105. Sidebar-the last pot I saw at my table ended up being over $1100 as 3 players were all-in for over $300 each!!! Headed to MGM to end the night, this room was just ok in my opinion and after about 2 hours play left down $35.
After about 3 more hours sleep went to Main Street Station for breakfast (REALLY great for only $6)then headed back to Hooter's to get our third wheel so we could play in the PH 2pm tourney. While he was showering I sat in at their 1-2 table. Worst room I played in all week, but I was catching some cards. right before i was to leave get dealt QJs in LP. 1 other in pot, flop is JJQ. I bet $50 he calls, turn is a 9, I check, he bets $50. I raise $50 more and he pushes all-in for $95 more. I call and he flips J9. River is a Q for a bigger boat and I imediately cash out up $205.
Went to PH and played position poker to build a slightly above average stack after 1st break I get dealt QQ in the BB and after 4 limpers I bump it to $500 more to go. All fold to big stack who pushes me all-in. I call and of course My QQ lose to her 99 with a 9 on the flop and I am once again out early. Decide to sit in the 1-2 game with some "New Yorkers" Where after about 30 minutes I get KK in the SB and in a raised and called pot I push $200 and am instacalled by BB. Everyone else folds and I ask "you got aces" he nods yes and I am short stacked. After clawing back to about $180 I get KK again in LP pot is once again raised, and re-raised all-in. I decide that it can't happen twice can it? It doesn't and my hand holds up vs. 99 and AQs to triple up!!! Cash out later still up $215. Sorry so long. More Later

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  1. Nice contained report. The Sahara tournament is certainly an interesting one.

    Glad you had a good time, and thank you for posting!