Retroactive report- June 2008 trip


Prelude: Ever want to know what really drew people to AVP or Vegas? I'll tell you mine- the Monte Carlo fire. That sparked (pun intended) a desire to do more research on Vegas. I signed up for AVP two months later, having looked all around for info on Vegas poker games. I couldn't stop thinking about poker or Vegas or poker in Vegas, so what better way to feed the need than show up at an AVP meet-up. I enthusiastically RSVP'd.

Wednesday, June 11th, 2008: It got off to an auspicious start- my flight out of Des Moines was delayed, meaning my connection in Denver was in jeopardy. And, of course, the gates were on opposite sides of Concourse B, which happens to be a half-mile long. I huffed and puffed as I ran from one end to the other, but I caught my plane. I do think I scratched my throat by coughing a lot after that, which would plague me the rest of my trip.

Got to Vegas- gotta love McCarren with all its slot machines, you're not in Kansas anymore Toto!- got on the shuttle to the rental car facility, and picked up my car, a powder blue Hyundai Sonata with an alignment problem. I drove on to the Strip- my God, what a sight. I was here! Drove to the IP and valeted. At the registration desk, I tried the $20 trick, and it worked! Sorta- got a Luv Tub room on the third floor overlooking the pool. But hey, I was in Vegas. First thing I did was go to TI and play the 7pm tournament, which at the time was $65. I can't decipher my notes, but it appears that I played 3 hands- A3J3, and A8

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