Retroactive Trip Report- Qapla! June 2010 trip for AVP XI, Part 1 of 2


Day 1- Wednesday, June 9th, 2010: I experienced my first beat of the trip by not getting the direct flight to Vegas- I had a 3 hour layover in Denver. By the time I got to LV it was 4pm, and then I got longhauled by the cabbie. He went all the way up to Sands then over to LVB to the IP. Bah, not a great start. My $20 trick attempt was refused but I was "upgraded" to a pool view room on the fourth floor. Acceptable. Walked over to the Venetian to play the 7pm $120 tournament. With the DSE going on, the V had dozens of poker tables extending from the poker room out on to the gaming floor. Had a decent salad at Grand Luxe, then got seated in the tourney. After an hour of unplayable hands, I get AK OTB. With a couple of limpers (100/200/25 level), I bump it up to t1050, and a guy in the CO is the only caller. Flop comes K-T-8r. V checks, I c-bet t1600, he smooth calls. Turn is an unwelcome Q. V asks how much I have, I respond, he bets the exact amount, and I make the call. He has J9o for the turned straight. Nice PF call, buddy, must be nice to be a luckbox, I wouldn't know.
I walk back to the IP for some cash action. The room has been moved to the immediate right of the front entrance- a much better location IMO with plenty of railbirds watching. I get on a brand new $1/2 NLHE table. We're 6-handed to start. Second hand, I see TT UTG+1, raise to $10, and the CO is the only caller. Flop is Q-8-3, I c-bet $15, she raises to $40, I call. Turn is a brick, I check, she ships it for $50. Getting 3 to 1, I make a crying call. She has KK. Booooo. So, 5 minutes in and I'm already -$100. It didn't get any better, as I never won a pot. I picked up after 45 minutes -$160. Decide to downgrade a bit and play at Bill's. AlaskaGal is there dealing, and I buy in for $120. In consecutive hands, JJ wins the blinds, 99JJ and busts not long after. Thanks for playing! I start loosening up and manage to catch a flush on the river after betting half my stack against KK. Wheee! At the first break, I have t9600. Coming back, I go runner-runner flush to bust a player and break the table, moving with t15,000. I manage to make the final table with t18,700, but bleed off a bit to t17,900 at break. After break, we lose the shorties to get in the money. I donk off some chips with JJ against AA but double when my TT spikes a set on the river, giving me t30,000. We get down to 3 handed and the 3 of us decide we’ve had enough and make a deal. First in chips gets $450, second $380, and I, being the short stack, collect $300. Not bad for 3 hours of work.
D. and I then head to the Mirage and meet RedRight88 at California Pizza Kitchen. Had some amazingly good pineapple something-or-other pizza before heading over to the poker room next door. He and I start an interest list for $1/2 NLHE/PLO (that never goes off) then get into regular NLHE games. This was my first time in the Mirage and its poker room, and needless to say I’m impressed. The chairs are very comfortable, the room looks nice, and it’s run very professionally. I sit at a table that seems passive- lots of limping and calling. The first hand I put in my notes was me in the BB with JJ. An EP player raises to $10, V in C/O calls, several others do, I flat. Flop is J-5-5. I check, all check to V who bets $20, I call, all others fold. Turn is a 6, I check-call V1’s bet of $40. River is a 7, now I lead out $75, V tank-folds. Later on, I find AA UTG+1, raise to $13, different V UTG+4 is the only caller. We see an ugly flop of 6-7-8. Fearing not, I c-bet $25, V flats. Turn pairs the board with a 6, I check, V bets $40, I call. River is a 2, also a third heart. I check, V bets $50, and I make a crying call. V rolls over JJ and my Aces are good! IN THE VERY NEXT HAND, I once again squeeze AA, this time UTG, and again make it $13 to go. One V flats, but V2 goes AI for $30, I 4-bet to $100, V1 folds. AA>KK. Twenty minutes later, I get AA YET AGAIN UTG+1, make it $10, the same V from the first AA hand makes it $26. Seeing that he doesn’t have much more I shove but he folds. Later, not in my notes but on my twitter feed is a tweet that says I “turned the nut straight and got paid by Aces up.” Needless to say, this little over an hour long session is very profitable, +$322. I will be back to the Mirage later for sure.
D. and I then went to see Vinnie Favorito at the Flamingo. It was riotously funny. He’s an insult comic who, after telling some jokes involving himself, goes around the audience and makes fun of them. We laughed it up about my 9 year employment at Papa John’s, then, seeing that I was white and was with D. (who happens to be black), gave me a very, shall we say, “manly” compliment. All I could do was smile and nod. D. was getting a little bit tired after the show, so I walked her back to the room, encountering AlaskaGal, Bobbi, and KBBMT on the way. I told them I’d meet them at CPK in a bit. Obviously I hadn’t had my fill of CPK, this time eating some garlic chicken pizza that was awesome. Afterwards, some AVPers in for the AVP meet the next day we already in the Mirage poker room wrecking poker. I got into a $4/8 mixed game with Clem, Sauza and Pokermuffin. It was tons of fun and frivolity, ended up playing for about 2 and a half hours, and managed to profit $26! Cindy remarked “You can’t put a price on fun.” How right she was. She, Clem and I wandered over to the Venetian poker room for some more mixer fun. We got on various lists, and the HORSE list got called down first. We, along with the other players, agreed to change to mix to O8B, Razz, 2-7TD, Stud8, and Crazy Pineapple. In the last hand of the O8 round, I flop a wheel holding 42xx, A-3-5. I scoop against Clem who has a set of Aces. In the second Razz hand, however, Cindy beats me 7652A

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