Retroactive Trip Report- Qapla'! June 2010 trip for AVP XI, Part 2 of 2


Day 4- Saturday, June 12th, 2010: Woke up at 11am sore and tired from not managing my time very well the previous night. But I had to get going because AVP XI was in two hours at the Mirage. D. and I get ready quickly and walk over to the Mirage for some food. On the way, we see LasVegasMichael and Clem playing in the poker room. We wander over to Carnegie Deli for breakfast. It was crowded and the service was only so-so, but the food was decent so I can’t complain. We get done, D. goes to explore the property and I go to the poker room to play AVP XI. For $125 we got t10,000 chips and a good structure. I flopped two early sets but got no real value. Bled off some chips by running into two pair in the blinds after I made second pair. Last hand before break, I double up QQ>TT to get to just over starting stack. Coming back, we were at t400/800, and on the second hand I look at KK OTB, make it 2100, MelloAceCV in the SB calls, as does Isaac in the BB. Flop comes T-9-2r, Mello checks, Isaac bets t2500, I shove for ~t10,000, and both Mello and Isaac call all-in. Mello shows 99 for a set, Isaac QJ for an OESD. An Ace on the turn means I can’t win outright. The river is a brick so Mello triples up and I won the tiny side pot to be left with only t2800. I blind down to t1600. Ken raises to t2300, and I happily call all-in with KJo. He shows 7c7s, and we see a flop of J-J-8 with 2 clubs. Turn is the Ten of clubs, so of course I have a sweat. River is the ugly Ac. I’m busted in sick fashion. I go to find D. who has discovered to big cat and dolphin habitat on the property. It was a fun diversion, but the night before was beginning to catch up with me so I headed back to the room for an afternoon nap.
Waking up, we had plans with Cashewz for dinner at Hash House. He had a stuffed burger and downed it all, but D. and I had a stuffed and layered meatloaf plate and couldn’t finish it. I really tried because it was absolutely delicious. Cashewz and I then headed to the IP for some cash action. The first hand I played, a V in MP goes runner-runner flush to beat my top pair. Thankfully, it was a small pot but I am in an immediate hole. Stole the blinds twice, but then lost ~$40 when a V OOP beat my 44 with A6o. Pocket 22 loses also. I make the nut straight with T6 but a lady V makes the nut flush. I add on another $100. Recoup my loses somewhat with AcJc on a 7c-5c-3x, 7x, Qc board against a V who pushed his short stack all-in after the flop with Ax7x. But that was about it. Cashed out down over $100 after a little over an hour. Decided to go to TI for their 10pm tournament. Had to settle for the alternate list, but got in within the first 15 minutes. According to my notes, I didn’t win any pots before the first break, having only t2100 by then. So I went into push or fold mode. V in the C/O min-raises, I shove from the BB with, well, my notes don’t say. What they do say is that the C/O has KK and I don’t even flop a sweat, busting that quickly. Wander over to the Mirage to check out the goings-on. A mix game has broken out, apparently started by AVPers but none were there when I arrived, leaving what looks like a bunch of fish. The mix was 2-7TD, Double Board Omaha, O8b, Razz, and Stud8. A complete newbie lady in seat 8 is running like God, drawing and catching 7’s and 8’s in 2-7. My 8’s keep getting run over and I have to break 10’s. It’s so fishy I decided to stick around, but it didn’t get any better. My last hand was in Razz, and I lose on the 5th card, 75432 and I had to rush to get out. I leave my bags with the bell desk and see her off- she has to get back to Tucson. I start the day with the nits at Bally’s for Aces Cracked. It’s a $3/6 Limit game, one of my least favorite forms of poker, but I’m here to play. In my first orbit, I get AA in MP, check/call the whole way and get them cracked by 9’s full. I believe I lost only $30 in the pot but gained a $100 bonus for a net +$70. The Aces Cracked period ends at Noon, and I start to open up my range and aggression. Ts9s in the C/O flops top two and wins a nice pot, and QQ takes one down. I get AA again, but now I raise and re-raise with them, making Aces full and stacking a guy. Bally’s also has Royal Flush jackpots, but I never got any two suited broadway cards to try for one. I leave after a little more than an hour having more than doubled up.
Next up is Planet Hollywood, first for some Earl of Sandwich, which, despite Five Hundy By Midnight’s fawning, I don’t find to be that special. It wasn’t awful but I don’t see any special allure. In the P-Ho poker room, I open a new table with 6 others. Not much happens for the first few orbits. I do eventually get AKo, flop TPTK, and hold against an aggressive V for a ~$250 pot. Pocket deuces flop a set and turn a boat for another good pot. I 5-bet with AA to take it down pre-flop. After an hour I leave up more than double again and move on to the next one. I walk the strip to MGM- let’s just say the sights were interesting. This room has previously been kryptonite for me and I’m looking for some redemption. It’s a pretty active room, with several games going. I get into the one that has lots of deep stacks and aggression. Juicy! Twenty minutes into my session, AdTx OTB against the SB, 3 diamond flop. V leads out, I raise, V calls. Turn is a brick. V now checks, and sensing weakness, I bet out $60, getting him to fold. Later, I 4-bet AIPF with AcKc and get a guy to fold, claiming he had JJ. I win one with QJo, flop A-T-x, turn K, river x against a young lady who I just beat for most of her chips. And then it happened- the hand of the day. V is a smart, aggressive player who just hero-called another guy’s 3-barrel bluff to take one down. I’m UTG+1 with AhKh, raise to $15 pre, and V calls OTB. Flop is Kc-Ks-9s. I bet $30 quickly, V calls just as quick. Turn is the interesting Ts. I bet $90 quickly again, trying to represent naked, reckless aggression, and V calls. River is the awesome Kd. I bet $150, again quickly, and this time V tanks. I turtle up trying to look fearful, V plays with his chips and cards, and after about 5 minutes makes the call. I roll over my quads and V looks disgusted. He mucks without showing, and I collect a ~$600 pot. The postmortem led me to believe he had AA. I cash out not too much later, now unstuck both for the trip and at the MGM poker room. I wander around the MGM casino, looking for the Lion’s Share slot machine so heavily discussed on Five Hundy. It’s the last machine of its kind, having to remain until the $2million+ jackpot pays out. I put in $100, somehow get it to double my money to $200 and cash out. My first slot machine win! It’s also one of the only hand-pay machines left, so I get a very nice lady to hand me two Benjamins. (After I get home I give Five Hundy $10 as their share of my winnings for pointing it out). On to the next poker room.
I elect not to play at Excalibur, Luxor, or Mandalay Bay, instead I want to try out the then-new Aria poker room. From the MGM, I take the bridge over to NYNY, get lost inside, but finally find an exit. Walk next door to the Monte Carlo. The tram to CityCenter is at the rear of the property, through, what else, a shopping promenade. However, the tram drops you off at the Crystals, the shopping mall at CityCenter (gee, I wonder why they did that?). I now know that taking the connected walkway from Monte Carlo to Aria instead of the tram drops you off right next to the poker room, but as I trammed it I had to walk basically the entire length of the property to get there. I am glad I did so, tho, as the Aria poker room is gorgeous. Being new, all the equipment is in tip top shape. The table I get has apparently been going for a bit as there are a couple of big stacks along with some friendly banter. The biggest hand of my session is when I river two pair holding Q8 against a lady V who I judge to be very competent. No other pots of note, so I leave after about 1 and a half hours up $37. Needing food, I go back to the MC food court. After eating, I decide to try the Bellagio. This time, the tram is a smart option. It does drop you off on the south side with the poker room on the north, but that’s ok, I’m used to it by now. The Bellagio is an opulent property. Even at 8:30 pm on a Monday, the poker room is packed, both with players and in table spacing. I bump my way to my seat and find a table with no big stacks and plenty of bad play. One player gets all his chips in with AK unimproved and is shocked it isn’t good. It’s too bad I didn’t have any hands or I would have cleaned up. Actually, the day was starting to catch up with me as I felt myself falling asleep at the table. I decide I need to leave before something terrible happens, so I cash out after an hour down $65.
I hear Cashewz is still in his WSOP event so I walk to the Rio. I find a Starbucks kiosk, desperate for caffeine, but not being a coffee drinker I ask for something that doesn’t taste like coffee. I got an excellent chocolate latte something or other that hits the spot. I’m now fully awake and find Cashewz still playing. He’s short so he’s playing push or fold poker, stealing several pots. The day ends and he makes the top 54! Well done, sir. With nothing else to see here, I start to walk back to the strip but am luckily intercepted in the parking lot by PokerMuffin who generously gives me a ride to the Mirage. I play one last session of the trip here, but have to fold JJ on the first hand after two overs show up. I later make a horrible call holding 99 on a Tx-Tx-A flop when V to my right happens to have ATo. I leave after just over an hour down almost $100, which mars the day but not the trip. I eat my traditional last meal in the Victorian room at Bill’s. I try to retrieve my bags from the bell desk but the bellman has gone home, so they have to call the head of security to unlock to room. I get a cab to the airport and can only smile about how well this trip has gone. Thank you, Vegas.
Day 6: Bally’s, 1hr 15min, +$121(c). Planet Hollywood, 1hr, +$251(c). MGM, 1hr 20min, +$643(c), and slot machine, +$100. Aria, 1hr 35min, +$37(c). Bellagio, 1hr, -$65(c). Mirage, 1 hr 15min, -$98(c).
Total: 7hrs 25min, +$989. Trip total: 40hrs 50min, +$366

Restaurant ratings:
Hash House a Go-Go- 4/5
Le Burger Brasserie- 5/5
Earl of Sandwich- 3/5
Grand Luxe- 4.5/5
California Pizza Kitchen- 4/5
Carnegie Deli- 2.5/5
Victorian Room- 3.5/5

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  1. Good report...makes me want to go back! Good luck on your upcoming trip!