Solo Vegas Poker Trip


I was in Vegas solo, Oct 10th - 13th to play poker, watch some football and take it easy. I got a trip with air and hotel at the Sahara for $315. Got checked into the Sahara saturday around 5pm, rested for a minute, and then made my way to the Deuce Bus stop to go downtown. I play 1/2 NL. Luckily, the Sahara is so far north that it's a quick bus ride downtown. I've always had success at the Golden Nugget and Binions, so i wanted to head down there. I enjoy the more laid back Freemont St.

Started off at the Golden Nugget. Had 4 different young Swedes at the table, and i joked with them about how they weren't the typical Loose Aggressive Northern European players. I was pretty card dead for a while, and then picked up AA and KK and lost both times with them. I lost my initial $200, and bought back in for $200. Won a pretty good pot when i made a pot sized bet of $40 with my AJ on an A high board...the guy next to me goes all in for $30 more with 67, with middle pair, and luckily my hand holds up. I hit a set with KK and won a decent pot. So i cashed out at $440, for a $40 profit. Not bad considering how i started.

Day 2
Head back to the Nugget. First hand i'm deal in i get KsQs and raise to $10 with 3 calls. Flop is k q 2! Villain bets $15, and in case he has 10J or something like that, i raise to $40...he calls. Turn is a 3s, giving me top 2 and flush draw...he checks, i bet $80, he goes all in, and i insta call for about $40 more...He turns over AK and the river is a meaningless i double up my $200 the 1st hand! He made a remark about the hand, and i said something like, "You think i couldn't beat one pair with my reraise." Slow after that...end up cashing out ahead $201.

Day 3

Head over to the 2pm or 3pm $65 tourney at the Treasure Island. I was doing pretty good, but last a huge hand with my QQ vs 88...he spikes and 8, and turns another 8. I finish 11th out of 35...if my hand held up, i would've been in really good shape to make the money at 5th place.

After that i head over to Binions. Mainly older players...i won about $70 off a lady who slow played trip 7's and let me catch up for a straight with 10J...other than that, very card dead for hours, and ended up leaving $20 ahead.
I decided to walk over to the Nugget again. I played for a few hours and left $100 ahead. I won a big hand with J4 in the small blind...flop is jj3, i check, lady bets $10, i call...turn is another 3, i check, she bets...river is a 5...i check she bets like $60, and i just call, thinking we're chopping, and stupid me, she only had a 3. I should've raised there because i later realized that she was a poor player that probably would've called my bet. Won another hand with pocket 5's on a Q 10 5 10 board.

Day 4
I need to leave my hotel at 2pm to catch my flight, and i decided to try and get a quick session in. I walked down to TI and was surprised that there wasn't a 1/2 game going at 1130am, so i went to the Venetian. The V is a very nice room...good management and upperclass, older players. I get seated at a table with 50-70yr old rocks, and one other guy in his 20's. Nothing eventful...i go from even to plus $30 back and forth, and my time was running out, so i had to leave $2 ahead!! Huge score. I hated to leave Vegas...i really enjoy the city, even just walking around and "taking in vegas."

The Sahara was nicer than i thought it would be, but most of the people staying there were trashy. A huge difference in the people you see at the Venetian or other strip casinos. The Nugget poker room is wonderful...Nate, the manager, is excellent in dealing with people and making them feel welcome. I really enjoyed watching the football games and playing poker, and won $40 on the Vikes vs the Rams! There's a good energy when football season is going on in Vegas...people are talking about the teams and their's great! I had a great time, and am looking forward to heading back in Dec for my Cousin's wedding. I ended up with a $362 profit at the poker tables. No really big days, just 1 good score, and several very small profits.

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