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I got into vegas on a gambling trip with friends on a late friday night. We decided only to book a room saturday night so that we could play through friday night and then hope to sleep early saturday morning-afternoon if our room was ready. Luckly, we got comped a free night at Palace station (where we were staying) in one of their courtyard "suites." The courtyard room was a piece of sh*t and was a set for robbery or murder...yikes. I will never stay there again. On the second night the TOWER room was actually quite nice. I think it was simliar if not better (but older) than the rooms that you can find at Golden Nugget. I hear they are renonvating these rooms so they will be very modern. I would definetly stay here again.

ON TO THE POKER. With some winnings from baccarat earlier, I headed over to Caesar's Palace to check out their poker room. I've been there once before and really like the atmosphere and room. Today I decided that I wanted to play low limit so that I could get drinks and have fun with the couple of guys I headed out on this trip with.

I sat down a $3/$6 game and immeadiately knew that no one really knew how to play. There was this middle-aged woman calling every bet and even calling river bets with king high and taking it down once or twice before busting eventually. There were 2-3 local rocks that were pretty obvious to spot so I avoided them and took advantage of them when I had the opportunity. There was one guy in seat 3 that knew how to play but played too fast and overly aggressive. I could tell he was an online player at the speed of his call/bets. He would straddle to $6 in a call station game which kind of made no sense to me so whenever he did, I always re-raised it to $9 to get it heads up. I took down every pot except for the last hand I played where I called him down with A-4 instead of raising him (I played the hand bad).

Overall, I won some nice pots off completley new players at the table who were asking how much each $1 chip was worth (LOL). I walked away + $80 and called it a day with 3 beers down. My friend who was playing at an adjacent table was playing 3/6 for the first time in his life and he ended up winning $200 on flopped quads and three full houses in a about beginner's luck! He would have made more if he bet/raised in the correct way, oh well.

Caesar's has a nice room and I would definetly come back again to check out their no-limit and tournaments but I just had no time with friends to take care of and hang out with.

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  1. Baccarat? Good times. Do you bet player or banker (or alternate?).

    Caesars is an interesting animal. My brother in law loves it there, as he likes 3/6. I like their NL cash game structure (same as TIs), but the room has never been one of my favorites.

    Glad you had a good time, and thank you for posting!