South Point all-nighters and to many Long Islands! 4/24-4/27

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My wife was a bridesmaid in a Vegas wedding this weekend, so I brought a buddy with me to share in the fun considering she was going to be busy with "wedding stuff" most of the time. The wedding was right down the street from South Point so that is where we stayed. On the way in from Cali Thurs night we stopped off in Primm to suck down a quick long island and played video poker at the bar. Won 6 bucks, guzzled the drinkk and hit the road to Vegas. Arrived at South Point around 11pm, watched my wife blow $180 on roulette and slots, put her to bed, and hit the poker room with my buddy. I recognized SouthPoint Perry and introduced myself, he was very nice, gave me my $200 buy in wished me luck. Sat down at 1/2 NL and had quite the uneventful first night. I think I ended down a bit, and no real exciting hands to speak of. I really enjoyed playing there, everyone was super cool, and the long islands came fast and furious! Woke up the next and lounged around South Point until my wife, buddy, and I cabbed it to Bellagio for the dinner buffet around 5 pm. Delicious! Spendy but worth it. When we were done we walked across the street to Planet Hollywood and entered the 7pm tourney. Being the sucky tourney player I am, I think I was the first AND second player out! I rebought after getting knocked out the first time, and immediately steamed off my new stack with top pair against a set. Bought in to the cash game there waiting for my wife and buddy to finish. Won $200 playing cash getting paid off by Mr calling station 2 seats to my right when I flopped the nut strait. My wife cashed in the tourney for $197 finishing in 6th place. Way to go babe! We left PH feeling good. Screwed around on the strip for a while and I had an unbelievable BJ run winning $350 at a $5 table, never betting more than $10 on any one hand. Went back to South Point, had a rough nite there, dropped $400 and went to sleep around 7am. Slept till 3 the next day, went to the wedding my wife was a bridesmaid in, then came back to South Point to play more cards. Was running really well that night, flopping great hands, making draws, life was good! My table broke and I was moved to a new table and recognized Las Vegas Michael sitting across from me. I introduced myself as an avid AVPer, he was super cool, and I also met Sabrina who was with him playing cards for the night. Both great fun to play with, though Sabrina was getting tired of my $15 raises! ;) I hit a gutshot strait flush draw on the river one hand and won a nifty cash prize. Before the river hit I announced to LV Michael not to post my suspect call when he saw my cards after the hand was over. My suspect call turned from suspect to brilliant as the 3d peeled off on the river giving me a 2d-6d strait flush! I also had to show I had raised preflop with 2/4d which gave a few at the table a chuckle, but hey when your running good your running good, raise it up! The table was full of drunk 20 somethings, loose as all hell, and it was a great time. I loved playing along side LV Micheal and Sabrina, and Perry was super helpful the whole time. I kept sucking down mixed drinks, lost a few big pots, and called it a night. I donated $100 back to South Point at the BJ table on the way up to my room at 7 am and called it a trip. South Point is the place to be for poker, worth the short trip to check it out if your staying on the strip.The traffic was brutal all the way home back to Cali, its good to be home. But not that good, Im already planning my next Vegas poker extravaganza! Peace!

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  1. Good trip report, though paragraphs would make for an easier read.

  2. Nice report, good to hear about rooms that aren't visited by many.

    Not sure if I'll make the trek out there on my trip or not, but the room sounds great

  3. Hey Meeka. It's good to hear that you finally made it out to vegas.
    Sounds like you burned off some cash but I guess thats what alcohol and playing poker does. You might lose a lot of money but I guess you have a ton of fun. haha. Well, I'm glad you had such a fun time. I've never played at SouthPoint. How big was that high hand jackpot you hit?

    How is the old Oceans 11 regulars doing?
    Are you still playing at the old oceans club with those psychos and drug addicts? yeah...i guess you figured that i don't miss that place one bit.
    I finally made it big around February. I've had an UNBELIEVABLE run in the last 4 months and have been living in summerlin area in vegas. Say hi to all the dealers for me if you still play at the oceans. The dealers and the free food were the only good things about that place. take care.