Super Bowl Hold Em Style

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Arrived on Saturday night, straight to the poker mecca of the world (Belliago). Jumped in my usual 4/8 Ring game. Room was, as expected, packed and had to wait about 15 minutes to get onto a table. At least I was not jammed into the back corner tables. Tired from flight and grinding out hands until about 3am, finished where I started at my $140 buy in. Only thing of intrest was hearing some of players/dealers talk about some big fight night before in Bobby's room?

Super Bowl Sunday- Besides the Hold Em, also love the Sports Book. Been to Vegas many times before in past for NFL playoffs but this day was insane! Got up at 7am and went to Ceasars (sports book mecca) and found zero seats. 9 hours till kickoff and all major sports books were full! We ended up at Mandalay in some bar area. Found it unreal that I acutally waited in a 45 minute line to place a bet on the big game. What a mistake going to Vegas for the Super Bowl. Sunday night checked out Caesars poker room, very nice and quiet room. Got right onto a 3/6 half kill ring game and proceeded to fold, fold, fold everything for around two hours. My $140 down to around $40 before I finally get hit by the deck and win next four hands in a row (2 of them on the kill) and decide to quit while ahead after fighting back and cashing out at around $200.

Monday- NL Freezout Tourney Day. Special thanks to this site as I simply printed up all of the tourney information and circled the one's I wanted to enter. Started at the 10am Alladin. Nice room, nicely run tourney, hopefully Planet Hollywood won't demolish it- caught nothing and ended up going all in with pocket 8's UTG and everyone folds to the big who calls with A/J off. Of course once he flops his Ace I am done after only around 40 minutes of play. I later on in the day make a mental note to thank the guy that knocked me out since it gave me time to get into the noon Luxor NL Tourney which I turned into a second place finish. After Luxor headed to MGM and signed up for the $120 NL 6pm Freezout. What a well run tourney- I enjoyed playing this one the most, $3k in starting chips- 30 minute rounds, no wonder they had a line of players to sign up for this. The play seemed to be more professional then the other two tounaments as this felt like more of a WPT tourney compared to kitchen table back home kind of stuff at the other poker rooms. Made it from 68 starting down to 12th place, got knocked out when I went all in UTG with A/Qhearts and chip leader who was on the button also went all in. My heart sank, instead of calling he goes all in also to force out the blinds. I put him on the Kings before he even showed them to me, which he had both the black ones. A glimmer of hope for me when I see an Ace on the flop but two clubs flop also. The turn brings the third club as now not only do I have to avoid a 3rd King but also a club, which of course the fourth club comes on the river and I am out when he plays the club flush. Feeling like Matt Damon's charcter in 'Rounders' after he gets leveled with his 9s full of Aces vs. KGB's Aces full of 9's I begin to think back about how I pulled the same rabbit out of the hat several times at the Luxor tourney.

Finished the night by playing at Mirage (6/12 ring game). I have always had a thing for the Mirage poker room, it was after all where I first played Hold Em back in the day. Having played at the Mirage for so many years though I got to know the 3/6 game was a total No Fold Em Tourist game and really wanted to try my skills at 6/12. So for first time ever played 6/12. Played tight as ever and only hands I got mixed up in for first two hours were my blinds. Table was pretty tight all around, only about 2-3 going at it for each pot and pretty dominant hands needed to win. Being late at night of course someone at the table was drunk and I got mixed into back to back hands with him. Not wanting to be labeled as a tight player who only played blinds I cold called UTG with a 7/9 off and drunk dude was on the button and called. Hit a 7 on the flop as it was the highest rainbow card out which I checked and he bet. Big folded and I called and turned another 7 which I checked and he bet and I called. River brought a 9, no flushes, one long shot gut shot straight which I did not put him on since he bet the turn. I checked raised him and he shouts off about me better not having the straight as he just calls and I said, your right no straight as I show the three 7's as he takes his pocket Aces's and launches them at the dealer. At this point this guy should of been kicked out, but I thank the poker manager for not doing it since about four hands later I peek at my pocket 4's. A few callers including the druink. Flop brings 4,4,5. Having played Hold Em in home games and casions for years I have never flopped quads. I check not wanting to scare off everyone, as drunk bets, I call and the others fold. Turn bring a 9, as I was hoping for either a big card or smaller than a 9 for him to play possible straight. I decide to bet this one as he simply calls. River brings the pretty Ace Spades as I am smiling inside since I put him on Ace/Something high. I am about to bet but stop as I shake my head and say check. He smiles as he lays out 12 chips saying 'Yea, your kicker must be crap'. I immediately check raise him as he then says, "You better not have Ace/King" as he decides to re-raise to go all in. I call his re-raise knowing he probably has A/Q which he shows as I say, "Your right, no Ace/King, just 4 4's" This guy went insane as he stormed out of the poker room- shoving empty chairs all over the place toward the exit. Everyone on the table thanked me for knocking him out. I stacked his and my chips into right into racks as I figure not better way to end a 20 hour hold em run and super bowl weekend with a big winning hand as I headed back to hotel for few hours sleep before flight back. Next Vegas trip- summer!

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