The Grinder tourney at Planet Hollywoo

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Had 50 players the first night. Grinder won it, but had to be an "alternate" twice. Someone did get the bounty on the first knockout and he made some sort of final table deal from what I heard.

Some friends and I played last night. Had about 40 players, and the ladies had 60 something players at 9pm. I finished 3rd at 1230am. It went 6 hours. Grinder didn't show, but he's only required to be there Mon/Wed/Fri on the nights that he has the Q and A session as well. If he's not there, the $300 bounty goes to first place or you can make some sort of deal with them. I think 1st and 2nd split them 150 each. I tried for a 75 x 4 and a 100x 3 split but it wasn't happening.

I absolutely love the new structure. Check out what I posted in the details section on this site. Players are still subpar for the most part, but then again, pros aren't playing $100 tournaments.

I think I'm going to have to show up there Tuesday nights more often. There were a ton of very beautiful young ladies that I wouldn't mind teaching me how to play some poker some night after I get busted out.

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  1. screw grinder tournaments... its all about the jenny macarthy black jack @ Palms!