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Left Tucson at 10 am, a nice hour to leave and arrive, not too early or late. Perfect quick flight. Talked motorcycles with the cab driver, he raced high end bikes in the early 70's, Checked into Main Street Station Downtown, have never stayed here before and was pleasantly surprised. Smaller casino with a lot of dark wood that is real not fake, heavy brass doors and accents. This place was built in the 60's so not all the rain forests had been depleted yet. Some interesting antiques tucked away here and there. Old armoirs, desks and such. The best one was by the door in the south east corner of the casino under the escalator leading to the California club. Wouldn't mind having it.

There are five elevators which for a small casino made for quick up and downs to the rooms. The room on the 10th floor was clean and neat. A few dings and nicks but not bad. One thing, couldn't seem to dial in the shower water temperature, could only put the cold water on a tiny bit and seemed to take forever. Either freezing cold or too hot. Finally got it down but it was a little puzzling.

Worked up some college football bets and turned the money over to my buddy to place them for us. More on that later.

Dribbled off a couple hundred trying to get something going at craps and failed.

Checked the Golden Nuggets poker room and played a little 1/2 NL. Game seemed very tight until the players showed down K7os, J8os and such so it looked like late position bluffs were the norm when no one bet. When some one bet from early position they usually had the goods. Did see the Danish couple that I have chatted with on previous trips. I only come to Vegas 3/4 times a year and always see them at the Nugget. Very pleasant folks who seem well to do and well mannered. She always has her hair done up nice with different color accents and he is quiet and calm. My long lost ancestors immigrated from Denmark so maybe we have some sort of tiny DNA association.

Didn't get many hands so I moved on to give my money away on the craps table. Finally realized this game is not beatable. The hot rolls seem rare now, if I could bet the don't pass side I would be rich now! Going to have to plug this leak sooner rather than later. For football we did bet Utah for the money line over BYU for a quick profit. Haven't really bet much sports so this win was kind of cool.

Saturday found me back at the Nugget for the 11am tournament. $65 buy in with re-buys and an add on in the first hour. Played pretty tight and bluffed from late position once in a while to keep from blinding off. Did take the add on, although I really didn't want to but it turned out to be beneficial in reaching the final table. Me and the player on my left were short stacks, I was on the button with AJ of spades, he goes all in with A/8 clubs and we flop an ace then I catch runner spades to flush up even though I had him out kicked. Got fourth place for $178. The table talked about a four way chop which would have got me about $450 but the big stack '...wanted to play a few more hands..." i.e. wait for me to bust out, which I did then they chopped the top three places for ~$525 each, Danish guy was in on the chop so I was happy for him.

Went back to the room for a quick nap (I'm getting old) and when I was half asleep I hear a huge explosion that seemed to be right outside my window! I look out and it's pouring rain! The rain didn't last long so I figured lightning must have hit nearby, scared me half to death. Can't remember the last time I was in Vegas when it rained. Was nice to take a walk back down Fremont street after the rain, cool and moist with a nice breeze.

Kept being approached by vagrants asking for money. Must be a single older guy by himself that attracts these guys but it was starting to bother me, especially when they touch me. One African/American gentleman jabbed the back of my hand with his index finger and actually broke the skin, and I'm not thinned skin. I just keep walking and ignore them, did give one guy a couple bucks but that must have been the Jack Daniels loosening me up. Two more bums were arguing as I rounded the corner at the Vegas Club. One, that looked like he had just had a drink thrown on him, was leaving as the other was cursing him when he suddenly he turned around directly behind me, tore off his shirt, and came up right behind me screaming. As I got ready to clock him one in the face, he reversed direction and went back toward the Plaza. Creepy.

Found out one of our footbal parlays paid us $450. Sweet! Played more craps (mistake) and a little more 1/2, boring tight game with folks folding everything but the near nuts. Did see some great calls/bluffs but couldn't catch a playable hand. Played the same 11am tournament on Sunday. Blinds were still 25/50 when I re-raised first postion with AA and got called by an older lady behind me. Guy re-raises me and I go all in. Lady calls and first position folds. My AA beats her QQ and I chip up only to loose it at the next table. Flop is Q,10,8 clubs and I have pocket 8's. First position, big guy in an Indianan Jones style hat checks and I bet $1k, he hollywoods forever and then calls. Turn is a rag and he checks, I bet $2k and he finally calls again. I put him on a flopped flush and know I need the board to pair to win. River is like the 3d and he checks, I bet half my stack ~$4k and I swear, this guy looks at his cards about 10 times, hems and haws a while, I'm looking for the TV cameras due to his theatrics and am sure he has the flush when he raises. I call off the last of my stack and he shows KJ clubs for the flopped flush (as I expected) and royal draw.

Somewhat annoying to be heads up in a $65 tournament and have a guy treat it as the WSOP final hand. But that's poker. Take care and stay off the dice table.

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