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Reports & Blogs by mritz about MGM Grand Posted

It all started May 2 at MGM in the 1/2 game. Nothing special or memorable to report but I was up $56.00 in about 2 hours. I go back to Monte Carlo and fool around with video poker with friends for a while. After they go to bed, I decide to try the MC 1/2 table. I bought in for $100 instead of the usual $200 and in the 2nd hand I get 22 in middle position. I call a raise to $10 and get a flop of 3,2,8 two suited. Bingo! I decide that I will raise any bet with an all in for my $90.00. Well first player bets $15, second raises to $30.00, I decide that I won;t get a better chance and go all in, two callers. The turn in another 3. I filled up but can;t put more money in. The flush comes for one of the players on the river but I don't care and I am up nearly $200.00 ( One of the callers was shorter stacked than me). Two hands later I draw to broadway on the turn and felt someone so I am up $300.00. Good times.

The next day, feeling invincible, I go back to MGM. I sit down and get AA on third or fourth hand. I raise to $12.00 and get three callers, flop comes KTx two suited. after being bet into, I raise all in for the two guys in the hand (about $80). They both call and one makes the flush on the river. The other was drawing to the straight. At first I thought he made a abad call but he was the second caller so he was pot odded into it. A few hands later I get KK and lose. I get JJ and run into KK. I bust out to players I thoguht I was better than. After reloading for a hundred and lose that similarly so I decide to stop chasing my lost money and go back to MC. MC was no better, I was at a really tough table but too dumb to leave. I dropped another $200.00 there. The hand I remember was the last one. MC has a promotion where they draw a table and put money into the next pot. Well they dropped $50 into our pot. Villian is first to act, raises to $50.00. It folds to me in 8th position. I see AJo but my read says the raiser is stealing. I go all in for $85.00. It folds to him and he is priced in so he calls with 73o. He gets the 7 in the door, no A or J to come. Good night.
I decide to come back later to MC to get my hours and I play bad. There was a guy there who seemed to be a regular but was pretty annoying. I was able to igmore him for a while but we got moved when our table broke and I was next to him. Anyway after a while he open a pot for $11.00 I find TT and think he is full of it and raise to $40.00. It folds to him and he thinks and calls. Flop is KJ8. He checks and I go all in for my last $86.00. He calls. Turn and river miss me and he rolls (slowly) a Jack. I am on tilt and walk away muttering about the slow-roll. The smartest thing I did that day was not reload, I was not in a good frame of mind.
The next day I decide to stay away from NL at the MC. So I downshift to 2/4. I am up a little when my table gets the splash pot for $100! What hand do you not call for $2 with $100 in the pot? I call blind, then call the raise blind. I call a $2 flop bet blind when someone raises. I look at my cards and see 94o with a board of 24J. I call the $2.00 and get a 9 on the turn! Bingo! I check the turn and the next guy bets, lots of calls and I raise for lots more calls. The river misses everyone and I get the $100 plus about a $100 pot. The next night the cards change but it happens again! I roll into a straight with T6. All these things bring me back to up $100 for the trip which I lose the next night before I go home.

All in all a fun trip but certainly I learned that I can be on tilt and not even know it like with the pocket tens. I was very lucky to get back to even.

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