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I arrived early Sunday morning, the 14th. My goal for two days was to watch the final push of the WSOP, the November 9 gang. I checked in a Bally’s early, and was offered a room upgrade for $10 a night, plus no early check-in fee. Since was already paying just $28/night, I thought…sure, why not. When I arrived in my now palatial room, which is sarcasm, I saw an added couch and coffee table. Well ok, I can deal with it as I wasn’t sure how much time I would actually be spending in my room each day. I then walked to the window and threw open my curtains for that glamorous view. What I saw was rather a flat roof, air conditioning units, and a bigger building in my way. I saw the very top of a Paris tower, and that was pretty much it. Well, that made me laugh..and I knew it was Vegas. I didn’t stay at Bally’s for the view.

I unpacked and headed for the café there for breakfast and a bloody mary. Pretty much what I paid for, which doesn’t say a whole lot. No worries, my aim is to get out of this hotel. Anyways, off on the free shuttle to RIO to watch WSOP. I ended up watching the secondary table, featuring Chris Lindh, Steve Gee, and Ryan Riess (the beast). Ended up staying until later afternoon, and decided to head back to Bally’s to eat and play a little cards. Ate at the ‘Tequila Grill’, and they were unfortunately out of the only Mexican beer on tap, Modello. Really? Ok….so I had the Big Daddy burger, 1 lbs of beef….yum! I relaxed in my palatial room for a bit, then headed down to the poker room. I waited just a few minutes to get into a 1 / 2 NL game, as they had 3 running.

This is my brief run down of my hands that night. They sucked! Bought in for $200 and it lasted about 3 hours, playing tight near the end trying to push with anything decent. I really had 3 hands I ended up playing. My first was Kc 10c in late position. Raised and got one caller. Flop comes 10d and rags. No worries, bet out again, and was called each time flop and turn. Unless this guy had a set, I had him. After suspicion gained hold of me, I checked the river to only have him lead out with a $25 bet. Obviously a value bet, but I was committed and still with top pair top kicker, I couldn’t release. I called. Guy in EP sits with pocket Aces. Nice. The next two were easy, flopped a Jd high flush, and won after the turn. The only other hand was QsQd, and after the turn had top pair and straight flush draw, won after that bet. Then dead. I saw ever imaginable 3 combination, along with pocket 3’s, but didn’t hit that either. No love there.

Monday the 15th, I woke up and strolled down to the Cosmopolitan. This was my first time inside this casino, and I am very impressed. My intention was to eat at the buffet, Wicked Spoon. Once in and seated, I headed up for my first round. I got an omelet made, along with other sides. Very good!! My next trip up was a bowl of scrambled eggs..with cheese and chives, along with the other sides…and added a slice of roast beef. Great!!! Last round was the roast beef again, Koran BBQ short ribs, beef stir fry and fried rice! All excellent!! The service is great and food even better. Well worth the $27 I paid. * NOTE on buffet eating…how do you pay $27 to eat fruit? Makes no sense.
After heading back, I hit the pool at Bally’s, nothing memorable here as it is an old pool area, and it shows! Sam Adams 5/$20 on ice? Yeah, sold.

I headed over to the RIO (free shuttle from Bally’s) and walked the four miles to the Pavilion room to watch WSOP. I made it about a half hour before their early dinner break at 7pm. I walked back up and had a meal at the American Grill in RIO, before heading back about 10 mins early to try and get a seat around the ESPN feature table. Ended up with a seat there, and didn’t leave until we had a November 9 around 2:30am. Congrats to those people. Saw many familiar poker faces there, no name dropping, but good times had by all. I was behind the Ryan Riess rail crown the entire time, which at times was hilarious, and at times embarrassing, but all and all good to witness it all.

Can’t wait for November to see these nine play it out on TV.

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