Weekend at Caesers

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Here is a quick report on how I did this weekend at Caesers palace. In my last report, I said i was on a quest to make a million. Well, I got off to a rough start. I played friday night at Caeser's 220$ tournament. Again, the structure is great but plan on a long night if you expect to win. It started at 7pm with 80 players and I was eliminated on the bubble, ouch! It paid ten spots and with eleven left I was faced with a decision. I had enough chips that I could have milked it to at least the top 6, but I play to win. With blinds being 600, 1200, I made it 4200 to go on the button with AK offsuit. Small blind goes all in for 35000. I could have let it go, but I knew that the player thought I was stealing so I called with my last 30000 to see him turn over K9 spades. A 9 hits the turn, I go home punch a couple of pillows and go to sleep.
Next day 10AM I am back at Caeser's in a 60$ sit n go. I do not recomend these sit n gos because the return isn't great and the structure is to fast, but I did win it and took my 250$ winnings to the cage to register for the noon $130 tournament to find out that 130 players entered. I danced my way through the field to find myself with 4 others at the final table making a 5 way deal. Me and the other big stack took $2750 and the other 3 took $1650 each. Good profit for me, but couldn't help but think that I should have back to back big wins if my AK help up the night before.
One hand I have to tell you about which I got really lucky with went like this: I limp in first position with AA(tried to trap someone, and only trapped myself), two callers and a flop of Q 9 4 rainbow. I keep slow playing my aces(like an idiot) and check. The next player moves all in! I call him quickly for him to show his Q9 for top two pair. A duece on the turn had me getting my things together to go home. An Ace on the river saves my tournament, doubles me up, and teaches me to stop trying to trap.
I am going to play during the week at Bellagio 10-20 game and Harrah's no limit in order to make ends meet(these are the places where I know I can make a steady profit). I will get back in tournament mode come friday. Anyway I will keep you guys posted on my quest to make a million.
Good luck, Nokes06

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