Wynn Las Vegas: Play Night...

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Had the opportunity to get a sneak peak of the new Wynn poker room Monday night. (Will post my review when I experience some competition in a real money game). The room itself is very elegant, but not without a flaw here and there... The tables are perfect, in my opinion: a bumper around the outside of a brown felt table with nothing on them but a shuffle master. No logos, betting lines, or cupholders. The chairs might be the most comfortable poker chairs you'll ever get to sit in. That being said, there were some things I noticed...the room was very cramped. Keep in mind, this was for a play night, and it wasn't even close to full capacity. Take the MGM, for example, where you could literaly drive a car in between the tables with all that room...here, you're gonna feel like a sardine on a packed night. Also, this room isn't going to be geared towards the tourists, unless they're stepping up in their game. Don't expect to be able to walk into Wynn and jump on a 2-4 limit table, or a 1-2 NL game... I believe the minimum you're going to find is a 4-8 table, with the next level being 8-16, and there aren't going to be many of the 4-8 tables. Also, I felt like I should have been dressed in a full suit while I was playing in there. Very classy, which isn't a bad thing, but it's not an entry level casino to play poker in. 27 tables, some being on an upper tier, with the rest on the lower level. I guess all the bigger games will be on the upper side of the room. Cocktail service was up and running and seemed fine to me. I will post a standard review later this week when I experience a live cash game. I am going to expect stiff competition in a room like that, but we'll see. Wynn vs Bellagio: let the shark tank battle royal begin!

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