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My wife and I arrived at Wynn’s on Friday the 7th of October around 5:00 pm. Our room wasn’t ready so they moved us to a “panoramic” view room. I think that just means we over looked the golf course instead of the strip. Nice view from the 55th floor! It is nice to see what tables are open from your room on the TV. I was told I could call ahead for a seat and they would move me to the top of the list but there never was a list so never used it.

So we get checked in and I head right to the poker room. It is about 5:30 PM when I get there and they had immediate seating for the 4/8 table. They had about six 4/8 tables running. The room was very nice except it was very crowded and I am in the corner of the room where it was a bit warm. Hit a rash of bad cards to start out and worked very hard to just break even for the first 6 hours of play.

I will have to say that the cocktail waitresses are by far the best I have ever seen in all of Las Vegas or just about any other poker room I have played in. I was there in June playing and their outfits were gold but they are now a translucent, sparkly maroon. Yes, they ALL wore thongs but I digress.

The action at the tables for the entire trip was about the same. A few locals, a few ATM players (college kids drinking way too much and keep running to the ATM to get more of their daddy’s money) and a few good players. I rack up a lot of hours for my poker room rate along with a few extra dollars for my wife to spend that day.

The last night of our trip was the best for me in the poker room. Got on a table of three guys who live in Vegas and all knew each other along with a few locals. We all made quite a bit of money from the players they kept rotating in and out of our table. There was a lot of alcohol being drunk and a few of us were tipping the river card bet ($8) when we hit so the dealers where loving us. The waitresses also were being tipped very nicely since most of us were ordering our next round when they delivered our drinks. The management did a very good job of making sure we were all taken care of. For the total of 3 days played I logged about 38 hours of play time. Got a couple of free meals and the poker room rate for the 3 nights we stayed.

Most of the dealers were very good at their job. There are always going to be a few that are either a stick in the mud or just don’t know how to make a side-pot. The dealers said that very soon they are going to take out a lot of the tables which are stud tables and put in regular hold-em tables. They won’t be putting back as many tables because they know they need more room between the tables.

The entire trip was wonderful! The poker room is very nice with a lot of high end action if that is your game. They will post just about any game you want to play. They had a crazy pineapple game going at one point. There was always some sort of no-limit game going on.

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