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So I went to Lucky eagle to play a little poker and unwind what I found was a nice looking card room with friendly dealers and such but my problem came in with dealers not actively dealing and the floor sup being more concerned with their little side game than the floor. The casino was running a promotional high hand every hour wins a rack I early in the hour get quads felt pretty good hour goes by still not closed because no one can get the floors attention keep playing about an hour and half someone hit straight flush floor gives them the rack dealers and all players tell her she is wrong but says she never called the end of the hour. I will never step foot in that poker room again ran like a college frat


  1. I used to live in San Antonio so this was my normal room. I always liked playing there but I know what you mean about the floors. They were typically very laid back and seemed more concerned about socializing with the regs.

  2. 2 trip reports and 2 times the floor has screwed up the high hand. I don't blame you for not going again.. I've only been there twice, once on a weekend and another on a Thursday. I know exactly what you mean about how they cater to the regs..

  3. Report them to the gaming regulatory agency for the state for not following promotional rule.