Maybe I should be playing more NL holdem tournaments.

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On my last two trips to Vegas(Nov. 2017 and sept 2018) I spent about 19.5 hours playing 2-4 limit at the Flamingo. I did a 7.5 hour session on my 2017 trip. For the first few hours I experienced some swings...up a little...down a little kind of thing...which had me wondering if the best you can do in this game is win a few reward credit comps. I folded a lot, but eventually I started getting hot...winning a few high hand bonuses on the way to a $197 profit for the day.
So I decided to go back to the Flamingo in sept. 2018. I played 2 sessions on this trip: a 7 hour session lasting until 2 in the mourning and a daytime 5 hour session. Overall I finished about $40 down. The second session was particularly frustrating....when I first got to the table I got some good hands but It seemed I couldn't get anybody to call I wasn't winning all that much, Then the action started heating up, but I had gone card dead. It seemed I was folding nearly every hand for 3 or 4 hours. When I felt I was about to start playing truly horrendous, I decided to cash out and take a break. I was intending to come back later that night but never did.
The next day, I rested ,did some sports betting, and used the hotel gym. I stayed at the excalibur where the gym has windows looking out into the pool. The excalibur also has a good breakfast buffet. Anyways..after this rest day I decided to play a NL holdem tournament on my last day in Vegas. I went for the $140 NL holdem tournament at the Wynn. I actually came in 4th place out of around 35-45 players. It was good enough for a $567 cash. Kind of funny...I spent much of my study time preparing for this trip reading a limit holdem book....wasn't even planning on playing NL holdem at all.