omg why does the nits also get lucky

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I'm not so much a reg. I come play once every now and again. Gosh first I lose a small amount in 1/3 .... I had 55 vs aa vs j8off pre aces make it 20 I call w 5s two other callers..:: flop. 58j rainbow.... aces lead out 60 to w appx 200 more behind. I call and now the guy tk my left rr to 160 the aces insta move in and i insta move in the aces had appx 300 altogether and the j8 was about 509 deep I cover all.... turn blank river 8 so nasty .... and I hear the guy yelling for it he was begging 8 8 plz jack hee. It and got up and screamed


  1. I was thinking same thing every time I’m there for tournaments the flops are insane like almost like online I play a lot of poker never seen so many people flop quads in my life sometimes same person 2-3 times on same table just blown away by that