Raided and shut down.

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Cj's Card Club in Dallas was raided last night and shut down for illegal games. They claimed on their website they were a "Legal" poker room. Very sketchy and not a save pace to play. They confiscated all the palyers money. Carl Reeves the owner wouldn't evwn give us our membership money back. Told us too bad.


  1. Any idea what they were doing that was illegal?

  2. I heard employees were on the clock playing. Which is illegal.

  3. Also undercover caught employees taking chips (rake)from game.

  4. Also heard he hadn't paid his employees since opening. Sounds like a real winner this Carl Reeves.

  5. @txpokerpro
    Wow what an idiot!

  6. They were raided huh it seemed like an OK place when I was there on Wednesday! Are they closed for good?

  7. @Dallasflopper yes. Spoke with several of the Dealer's there.

  8. Its so funny I was there yesterday afternoon to get information to join
    For the first time
    Question? The police closed the place because it was illegal gambling or because the dealers was taking money (tips) from the players?

  9. @Ronnypoker both

  10. It's crazy
    I know they have few poke rooms in Austin tx that open long time with no problems
    Maybe it's the city of Dallas
    The question is way the cops came like that like it was underground poker room
    Do you know if there is more poker room in Dallas ?

  11. I was there a few times this week. It was a very nice venue. The dealers were skilled. I rented my seat for $10 per hr and did not experience any methods that would have made it ILLEGAL. I want to know the circumstances surrounding this police action AND so should you!!!

  12. Where I can find the laws about the poker rooms ?
    I think the problem is the city and not the police
    Probably this guy didn't told the city what kind of business it is when he ask for c.o
    Or he make someone really mad so they snitch on him to the city

  13. @Ronnypoker Rake-free poker is considered legal, according to the Texas Penal Code. Since 2015 there have been several news stories on the subject. Here's an example of one such story..

  14. From what I was told by a friend who is a cop on the DPD CJs requested a business Lic to do poker like Poker Rooms of Tx. in Plano and was denied. They then resubmitted for a different Lic stating they were a private club of sports memorabilia. That is why they got raided.