the lights of Las Vegas

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this was a wonderful experience i had a fantastic experience , and the table games were wonderful , i'm sure that everyone's had a bad experience anywhere they went to and someone will always have different views of any place and so forth , well i truly loved the place , it had the old time feel of Vegas as it was growing up and when the gambling days became what it is today, knowing its history there. It may have helped that i won a decent amount of money at the place , but i still had a great time there and was a very nice atmosphere before i went to the full throttle pace of the Rio All Suite before the Wsop , I also loved staying at the Golden Nugget their pool was phenomenal i loved the Freemont Street experience and the feel of the older parts of Las Vegas , but there's also nothing like the view and fun of the Strip in newer parts of Las Vegas it is a place for any and everyone to see a must do and a top priority on anyone's bucket list . there's so much to do there you couldn't everything there in probably a 5 year stay .


  1. Is the Lights a casino, or did you forget to say the name of where you are referring to? Never heard of it