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Happy New Year everyone! This will be my blog/thread for this year. Follow along as I document my play, work, and life here. Thanks for reading!


  1. I dealt the first straight flush of the year today- King-high in spades.

    Also, despite the bad beat jackpot being half of what it was this time last year and the weather being much warmer than normal, we've been busy and I've made good money. It could also be we've lost 8 dealers since this time last year, tho :/

  2. Played poker for the first time this year- the Tuesday tournament and cash games in my room. I was on the fence about playing today until my ex called and admitted she really wanted to play, so I went. I've vowed not to re-enter this year. Last year, I was -$378 in tourneys in my room, but that includes $300 in re-entries, so had I never re-entered, I would have been down only $78, which is quite good considering how high variance tournaments are. Anyway, I didn't last long in the tourney- I did win with KK on a 5-6-7, 8, Q board, but lost with AJo AIPF against a shorty's A5o when a 5 flopped. That knocked me down to 19.5bbs, and with the blinds increasing, I knew I had to act. So, at t100/200, I open to t600 in middle position with QQ. The SB calls, but the BB makes it t1200. I shove, the SB folds, and the BB makes an easy call with AA. Oops! No miracle for me and I'm looking for a cash game. The first one I get into was dull, so I request a table change to the other one. It was much better. A bunch of LAG players were there and they were very active. I made two pair with both T4s & 69o and got paid on both. KK held from the small blind and KJo turned a king to win pots. Then, I went kind of card dead and started missing draws and generally not hitting. But, I turned that around with a huge hand- I had position on one of the LAGs with TT and he called my preflop raise. Flop was 8-high. He checked, I bet, he called. Turn was a blank, check-bet-call again. River was another 8, and he shoves! He had me slightly covered. I immediately dismissed JJ+ or any combos like A8s or 98- I think he would have bet on an earlier street. Busted draws are his most likely holdings, and he is very capable of bluff-shoving, so I called. My Tens are good! He did indeed have a busted straight draw. That got me to over $600, double my initial $300 buy-in. I was about to text my ex, who was in a different cash game, that I would be willing to go if she wanted, but before I did, she was at the counter cashing out. I did the same, cashing out $610, +$310 for the cash session and +$250 for the day. A nice win and a good start to the year!

    I'm also making my plans for the first half of the year, poker-wise. I might stay longer in Vegas and also play more of the tournament series around the area. Nothing has been firmed up but I hear the siren call of more poker sounding my name.

  3. I got an Early Out from work today- which I gladly took because it was snowing here and we were slow- so when I got home, I decided to book all of my spring poker trips. My mouse clicking finger and credit card got quite a workout! First up is the RunGood Poker Series at Horseshoe Council Bluffs on February 5-7. Much like Kansas City last year, I'm only going to play to $135 Pro bounty and the $180 deepstack. This means I'll only have to take 2 days off work & can use that vacation time elsewhere. After that is Thursday, March 21st for the MSPT at Meskwaki. One of these times, I'm going to take the entire week off and grind the satellites, but not this one. Maybe the July one, but more likely the November one. Just a week and a half later, April 1-4, is the WSOP-C at the Horseshoe. No concerts to interfere with my playing schedule this time, but no PLO tournament, either, just a limit Omaha8 tournament, in which I have no interest. I will be playing at least a couple of ring events- there's a $400 double stack on the 1st, a $400 six-handed on the 2nd, a $400 monster stack on the morning of the 3rd, and $400 big blind ante on that evening. I probably won't play all of those, but they are all options. Finally, I booked my Vegas trip for this year- May 27-31, staying at Harrah's, and once again playing Event #1, the Casino Employees event. I got the flight out there for free by using my points, and I should have enough Total Rewards credits to pay for half of my hotel room. I initially thought about staying longer in Vegas, but then I remembered how bored I was last year waiting for the last day to end, so I booked my usual 5 day trip. Looking forward to playing some bigger events this year!

  4. Well, it had to happen eventually- the bad beat was dealt on Sunday night by a table games dealer. I didn't even hear about it until I got to work earlier today. Of course, it was about 2 hours after I left Sunday night, and thankfully it was local players that won the big and small ends. That's the fourth dealer hired after me who has dealt it (I consider all of the table games dealers "hired" after me, even if they've worked longer than I have, because we started using table games dealers en masse after I was hired, and all but a couple of them have less poker dealing experience than me). It was a little over $118K, and the backup, now our primary, is $75K, so not bad. Maybe I'll get one eventually, but I'm not holding my breath.

  5. Well, I did deal quads over quads today- except it was in the Omaha game, which doesn't have a jackpot. And, if the hands were in a Hold 'Em game, one of the hands wouldn't qualify- it was 66xx versus T532, final board T-T-6, 6, T. The 5 kicker wouldn't have played for the Hold 'Em bad beat so it's just as well I didn't deal it in a jackpot game. We only had 3 or 4 games all day, because of a snowstorm here, but I almost had to work overtime, also due to the snowstorm because we had so many call-ins. Hey, more money for me!