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Happy New Year everyone! This will be my blog/thread for this year. Follow along as I document my play, work, and life here. Thanks for reading!


  1. @zzjitterzz - haven't been on the site in a while but just caught up on the blog. I call bullshit on runbad starting in April. You had a bad session on a day you weren't at your best and weren't prepared to go play. So, fuck the runbad. You are going to come out to Las Vegas and crush -- unless you are at my table, then you're screwed :)

    P.S. I'm working in poker now. I'm a "game attendant" (aka chip runner) at Aria for at least the summer. Hopefully, there will be something open after the summer poker season and I'll stay on after.

  2. @zzjitterzz - right now, I'm only working part time. But, once the series starts and Aria puts out the extra tables for the summer, I expect to be working 40 hours a week, or more.


  3. @zzjitterzz - Don't be too discouraged by the tournament results, remember tournaments are extremely high variance. Unless you are grinding 100s of tourneys online or get lucky in a bigger live event, you are much better off working on your cash game, grinding out a decent hourly win rate from that, and taking the profits for an occasional shot at a tournament.

    P.S. Sorry I missed you while you were out here in Vegas. Next time you come out, we should get together.

  4. @zzjitterzz - glad you are still blogging and trying to get some poker playing in. Hang in there buddy and run good when you do play.


  5. @zzjitterzz - losing does suck buddy. All you can do is take some time, do some studying away from the table and go back fresh and ready to crush.


  6. @zzjitterzz - nice work. Way to luckbox the Q-2 :)