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Happy New Year everyone! This will be my blog/thread for this year. Follow along as I document my play, work, and life here. Thanks for reading!


  1. I dealt the first straight flush of the year today- King-high in spades.

    Also, despite the bad beat jackpot being half of what it was this time last year and the weather being much warmer than normal, we've been busy and I've made good money. It could also be we've lost 8 dealers since this time last year, tho :/

  2. Played poker for the first time this year- the Tuesday tournament and cash games in my room. I was on the fence about playing today until my ex called and admitted she really wanted to play, so I went. I've vowed not to re-enter this year. Last year, I was -$378 in tourneys in my room, but that includes $300 in re-entries, so had I never re-entered, I would have been down only $78, which is quite good considering how high variance tournaments are. Anyway, I didn't last long in the tourney- I did win with KK on a 5-6-7, 8, Q board, but lost with AJo AIPF against a shorty's A5o when a 5 flopped. That knocked me down to 19.5bbs, and with the blinds increasing, I knew I had to act. So, at t100/200, I open to t600 in middle position with QQ. The SB calls, but the BB makes it t1200. I shove, the SB folds, and the BB makes an easy call with AA. Oops! No miracle for me and I'm looking for a cash game. The first one I get into was dull, so I request a table change to the other one. It was much better. A bunch of LAG players were there and they were very active. I made two pair with both T4s & 69o and got paid on both. KK held from the small blind and KJo turned a king to win pots. Then, I went kind of card dead and started missing draws and generally not hitting. But, I turned that around with a huge hand- I had position on one of the LAGs with TT and he called my preflop raise. Flop was 8-high. He checked, I bet, he called. Turn was a blank, check-bet-call again. River was another 8, and he shoves! He had me slightly covered. I immediately dismissed JJ+ or any combos like A8s or 98- I think he would have bet on an earlier street. Busted draws are his most likely holdings, and he is very capable of bluff-shoving, so I called. My Tens are good! He did indeed have a busted straight draw. That got me to over $600, double my initial $300 buy-in. I was about to text my ex, who was in a different cash game, that I would be willing to go if she wanted, but before I did, she was at the counter cashing out. I did the same, cashing out $610, +$310 for the cash session and +$250 for the day. A nice win and a good start to the year!

    I'm also making my plans for the first half of the year, poker-wise. I might stay longer in Vegas and also play more of the tournament series around the area. Nothing has been firmed up but I hear the siren call of more poker sounding my name.

  3. I got an Early Out from work today- which I gladly took because it was snowing here and we were slow- so when I got home, I decided to book all of my spring poker trips. My mouse clicking finger and credit card got quite a workout! First up is the RunGood Poker Series at Horseshoe Council Bluffs on February 5-7. Much like Kansas City last year, I'm only going to play to $135 Pro bounty and the $180 deepstack. This means I'll only have to take 2 days off work & can use that vacation time elsewhere. After that is Thursday, March 21st for the MSPT at Meskwaki. One of these times, I'm going to take the entire week off and grind the satellites, but not this one. Maybe the July one, but more likely the November one. Just a week and a half later, April 1-4, is the WSOP-C at the Horseshoe. No concerts to interfere with my playing schedule this time, but no PLO tournament, either, just a limit Omaha8 tournament, in which I have no interest. I will be playing at least a couple of ring events- there's a $400 double stack on the 1st, a $400 six-handed on the 2nd, a $400 monster stack on the morning of the 3rd, and $400 big blind ante on that evening. I probably won't play all of those, but they are all options. Finally, I booked my Vegas trip for this year- May 27-31, staying at Harrah's, and once again playing Event #1, the Casino Employees event. I got the flight out there for free by using my points, and I should have enough Total Rewards credits to pay for half of my hotel room. I initially thought about staying longer in Vegas, but then I remembered how bored I was last year waiting for the last day to end, so I booked my usual 5 day trip. Looking forward to playing some bigger events this year!

  4. Well, it had to happen eventually- the bad beat was dealt on Sunday night by a table games dealer. I didn't even hear about it until I got to work earlier today. Of course, it was about 2 hours after I left Sunday night, and thankfully it was local players that won the big and small ends. That's the fourth dealer hired after me who has dealt it (I consider all of the table games dealers "hired" after me, even if they've worked longer than I have, because we started using table games dealers en masse after I was hired, and all but a couple of them have less poker dealing experience than me). It was a little over $118K, and the backup, now our primary, is $75K, so not bad. Maybe I'll get one eventually, but I'm not holding my breath.

  5. Well, I did deal quads over quads today- except it was in the Omaha game, which doesn't have a jackpot. And, if the hands were in a Hold 'Em game, one of the hands wouldn't qualify- it was 66xx versus T532, final board T-T-6, 6, T. The 5 kicker wouldn't have played for the Hold 'Em bad beat so it's just as well I didn't deal it in a jackpot game. We only had 3 or 4 games all day, because of a snowstorm here, but I almost had to work overtime, also due to the snowstorm because we had so many call-ins. Hey, more money for me!

  6. Well, I got all that time off I described above, except 1- April 4th is the Iowa Wild poker tourney in my room, so that's a blackout date. I guess if I had to shorten my trip, at least it's a good reason. I like dealing it because the atmosphere the hockey players bring is fun and lighthearted. So, I will have only 3 days at the WSOP-C and only 2 ring events I can play- the double stack and the 6-max. Honestly, if I don't at least cash the double stack, I'll probably skip the 6-max and play cash or a nightly tournament. But, hey, I've still got a lot of poker travel coming up!

  7. Played in my room for the first time in 3 weeks earlier today. I think my ex is upset with me, so she won't be joining me anytime soon. Not much happened in the first hour, except when I lost half my stack with T8o against J9o- I flopped an 8, but he got a 9 on both the turn and river and won the pot. I didn't give up, tho, because I'm not re-entering this year, so I went into rebuild mode. I picked my spots carefully and picked up pots when I felt I could. I got it all the way back up to t8k before I bled of some right before the first break, where I held t5900. That's only 10 big blinds coming back, so I knew my mission- shove or fold. I was successful in the couple of times I did that, then I violated that mission by standard opening and getting shoved on. I couldn't call so I lost a significant percentage of my chips. So I continued going all-in when appropriate. I got moved twice, my second one to a table full of chips. I admit, I was salivating. So, with t8600 at t1k BB, I looked at JTo UTG+1 and pushed. It folded all the way around to the big blind who had t8300. He tanked for quite a while, finally calling off his stack with AJo. I almost got him to fold. I flopped a ten in the window but an Ace was underneath. I didn't catch a 2-outer and was down to t300. I had K9o UTG next hand and put them in. The same guy, now in the small blind, had A5o to win. I'm out after almost 2 and a half hours and, because fatigue is sitting in and the temperature is dropping outside, I declined to get into a cash game. I'm mostly happy with my play. Next week I'm going to the Horseshoe Council Bluffs for the RunGood $135 pro bounty on Tuesday the 5th, and the $20,000 guaranteed $180 deepstack on Wednesday, with day 2 if necessary on Thursday. Looking forward to some time off and bigger prizepool poker!

  8. I *almost* dealt the bad beat again today. It seems I get close a lot but I've never dealt it in the over 2.5 years I've been dealing. Anyway, it turned out to be AA vs. KK, flop K-J-K, all-in there. Nobody else folded an Ace, so I had 2 pulls at 1 of 2 Aces, or about a 10% chance to hit it. But, no, the turn and river were an 8 and a 9. *Insert The Price Is Right Fail Horn* Based on who was playing, I think I would have gotten tipped generously. Maybe someday I'll have a big breakthrough.

  9. Dealt a 7-high straight flush in spades today to a guy who is a Facebook friend and it's his birthday today, and yet he didn't give me very much. Only the second one this year and the first one in almost 4 weeks. Maybe they'll start coming in bunches.

  10. Well, the bad beat went off again earlier tonight. Not at my table, of course, but one 2 down on my string, and, once again, a dealer hired after me dealt it. It was 66 vs. 55, 6-5-2 flop, 5 turn, I'm assuming all the money went in there, they all stand up yelling for the last six, and it comes on the river. *sigh* I am resolved that I will never deal it, and I guess I have to be okay with that.

  11. Dealt a 7-high straight flush on hearts in the tournament earlier tonight. I also resumed my role as an assassin by busting 5 players in 30 minutes. That's 3 straight flushes this year.

    Also, I'm writing a trip report for my jaunt to Horseshoe Council Bluffs last week for the RunGood Poker Series. I had hoped to have it done by now, but it'll be a few more days. I'm just not a good writer, so these things take me a while. Patience, please.

  12. Dealt a Jack-high club straight flush and quads 4 times today. Couldn't put a couple of those quads in the same hand for the bad beat, of course. That's 4 straight flushes this year.

  13. Two weeks ago on February 5-7, I traveled to Council Bluffs, IA, across the Missouri river from Omaha, NE, to play in the RunGood Poker Series at the Horseshoe casino. Because I only took off Wednesday and Thursday from work, I could only play the $135 Pro Bounty and the $185 Deepstack, the latter of which had a $20,000 guarantee. I left home just before 1pm on Tuesday the 5th to make the journey, and it wasn't easy. Sleet and freezing drizzle were falling, so my windshield kept icing over, but the Iowa DOT had their plow trucks out in force, so the roadway was mostly fine. I had to stop twice to clean my windshield and go to the bathroom, so the trip took 45 minutes longer than normal. No problem, tho, because the tourney wasn't until 7pm. I got to Council Bluffs and checked into my hotel room, which happened to be just across the parking lot from the casino. I walked
    over to register before venturing out to find dinner. I went to a favorite of mine- Sgt. Peffer's in Omaha. Excellent hole-in-the-wall Italian restaurant. I returned to my room to freshen up before the tournament. It started a bit late because of the announcements introducing all the pro bounties. The tourney format was familiar to me- t6000 chips and 20 minute levels, just like the tourneys at my home casino. The differences were the levels went up slower and there's a big blind ante. I'm in seat 10 and get the button to start. No hands until the big blind, where I get K8o. Flop 5x-Kh-6x. I check, a player in early position bets t150, I call. Turn Qh, check, he bets t450, I call. River 2x, check-check. My top pair is good. Later in late position, I raise with AQo and win the blinds and ante. That was my first raise and everybody knew that, it seemed. Otherwise, I was card dead. After 2 hours on the first break I had t5300. First hand back, blinds are now t300/600, with a t600 big blind ante, I had AJo. New player UTG makes it t1500, I shove, she tank-folds. Two hands later, I have QQ in LP. Taylor Howard, who won the November MSPT at Meskwaki, shoves t8400, I call off t800, everyone else folds. He has ATo. Flop is K-Q-X. Turn and river blank out and I double up! Later in my BB, WSOP Main Event 11th place finisher Ryan Phan opens to t1500 and I call with Ts8s. Flop is King-high with two spades. I check, he bets t1200, I call. Turn blank, I check, he shoves t2600, I call. River spade! Chipping up! Then, I get 99 in LP. Player to my right shoves t9800. I think, almost fold, then overshove. Everyone else folds. He has AJo. Flop 7-Q-Q. Turn 9, river X. Finally, some #RunGood at the RunGood. I fold TT on an Ace-high flop to a player that later admits to having AQ. I chop a pot with Ad5d against As4s, K-T-J, Q, X two-spade board, fading his draw. Becoming card dead and folding a lot again. I fold 77 to a raise, a shove, and a call. It's AA vs. 88 and another guy said he also folded 77. An 8 on the flop and river, LOL. That was a sneak into the money fold. On the second break, I have t11,500, and the blinds will be t1500/2500/2500bba coming back. Second hand back, I have JJ OTB. The cutoff raises to t7000, I shove t10,500, he makes the easy call with QsTs. He catches a Ten on the flop but blanks out otherwise, so I more than double up! Then I get AA in LP. The same guy limps, I raise to t7000, he calls. Flop is 2-K-Q. He checks, I go all-in, he calls off with KJo. The turn blanks and the river is a 2. I bust him, double up to t60k, and get us to the bubble! I get AA again OTB. Middle position opens for t7k, I 3-bet to t20k, he folds an Ace. The bubble bursts and we are in the money! I go a little card dead again- a short stack goes all-in with Ah4h against my Th9h and he double through me to bleeds a few chips. My table breaks and we're down to the final 20! I get 99 in the SB, blinds t3k/6k/6kBBA. MP shoves for t18.5k, OTB calls, I overshove, OTB calls for less. They have A4o & A8o. Board runs clean and I bust two players to get up to t122k. I raise with JdTd in EP and collect the blinds and ante. Then in my BB, UTG shoves for t37k. All fold to me, and I look at AA and instacall. She has QQ and does not improve. I'm up to t179k with 16 left. Players bust on both tables and we're down to the final table of 10! I have t156k but unfortunately draw the big blind. I have to fold it and the small blind but shove with QQ to have the same t156k at the third break, coming back to t6k/12k/12kBBA. Fourth hand after break, UTG+1 makes it t30k. I look at AdQd in MP and shove t150k. He thinks, then calls with JJ. Flop is A-K-J. Turn brick, but the river is a Ten! I double up and then some to t330k, or second in chips to the massive stack who has more then twice that with 7 left. I go card dead again, losing 2 rounds of blinds and antes but shove-steal to get one back. At level 21, t10k/20k/20kBBA, I open for t55k in MP with QJo. The big stack in the BB calls. Flop A-K-X. We both check. Turn blank, Check-check again. River Q. He bets t75k, I tank, but make the call. He has JTo for a rivered straight. Ouch. I missed a bet there, especially on the flop. I think had I done that, and especially if he called and I barrelled the turn, I would have won the pot. Down to t120k, I lose another round of blinds and an ante. Down to t70k, I shove OTB with K7o and win the blinds and ante. Another card dead round, and I once again shove t70k OTB with A7o. The BB, who had t2000 on the bubble, calls with A8o. I flop a flush draw but brick it and the chop outs to bust in fourth. The payout is $1855, my biggest tournament score ever. I said I was going to tip 10%, so I drop $174 in the toke box and take a $1680 pay day, which is a profit of $1545. It's 2:45am at this point and I'm exhausted since I got up at 8am. I rail heads-up for a bit- the big stack took it down and the guy who busted me- and had half a big blind on the bubble- got second. Off to bed.

    I woke up at 9:45am on Wednesday- after only 6 hours of sleep- because I wanted to play the Noon flight of the $185 Deepstack tournament so I wouldn't be up so late again. My first bad beat occurred when I went to the breakfast area of my hotel, only to discover that breakfast had stopped being served at 9:30am. Oh, well. I walked across the parking lot to the casino to register and eat at the 24-hour cafe. I had a good Sausage, Egg, and Cheese Croissant sandwich. It was good! Quickly back to my room to brush my teeth, then return to the casino for the Deepstack. My patient gameplay would come in handy here. I had nothing the first orbit, then I got ATo OTB. Many players limp in, I raise to t500, getting 4 callers. Flop 8-4-4. Check to me, I c-bet t900, only the Cut Off calls. Turn 2, we both check. River Ace, he checks, I bet t1600, he folds. My ex pushed into the box around this time. Later, I have Kh6h in the BB and call the UTG+1's min raise. The board runs out Q-K-8, 9, Q, and my top pair is good. Then, I have QQ in MP and raise to t400 at level 2 (t100/100/100 BBA), getting 3 callers. Flop is Th-9x-7x. Check to me, I c-bet t700, 2 players call. Turn another heart. Check, I lead t1500, 1 caller. River 7h. This time, he donk-bets t3800. I tank for a minute, wondering what the hell he could have, and drawing the conclusion he missed, I call. He rolls over KJ and my pocket pair is good! My AQo loses to AdJd on an all-diamond flop, then I get AQo again, but it wins on a 7-6-5, two diamond flop against an unknown hand. 9d7d is no good to a sizable bet on a K-7-5 flop. 4s2s loses to 75o when we both catch our lower cards. I should have played JTo, but I didn't, and the flop was K-Q-9r. AQo is no good again on a T-high flop. ATo and AcJc both win when an Ace flops each time. OTB, I get the hand of the day again- AQo. I call an open, as do 3 others. Flop comes Q-T-8. Check to me, I bet t2000, everybody folds except the opener, who shoves t6000, and I call. He has 77 and fails to catch, so I bust him. I get AA in EP, open raise, and take it. AcKc UTG+1, I raise, get 2 callers. A 9-high, two club flop shows, I bet and win. At the first break I have taken my t15,000 starting stack up to t37,500. Coming back I get AQo again, this time tying with KQo when the board runs out 7-5-7, Q, 7. Argh! Lol. With AsTc, I raise from MP and get 1 caller. Flop is 9-3-8, two spades. Check to me, I c-bet and win. I get AhJh OTB and call an LP's preflop raise to t1500. Flop is Jack-high and I call his t1800 c-bet. Turn is a K, he checks, I shove all-in, he folds. I fold 55 pre when I could have just called a small raise. I would have flopped a set and busted 2 players. Then the big hand that defines the rest of the tournament for me- A player that just re-entered opens for t2000. I look at KK in the SB and re-pop it to t7000. He shoves all-in and I call. He rolls over AQo and we're off. Flop is nothing, but the damned turn is an Ace. River blanks out and he doubles up. I still have t30k tho, so it's not over, but if I had won that, I would have t65k and be in control. My table broke, then the one I get moved to breaks. I fold 77 to a raise and a shove. Of course, I would have flopped a set. My stack is dwindling down ominously. AJo wins a pot- Ace high is good. I go card dead again and chop down to t23,800 at the second break.Afterwards, I get QQ in MP. I open raise to t3500 (at level 9, t600/1200/1200 BBA) and get 2 callers. Flop is J-K-J. The BB leads for t7800, I tank, ultimately fold, then the guy to my left shoves all-in, the BB tank-calls. He has KQo and Left guy has AJ, with which he wins. J3 in the BB, limp to me, I check my option. A Jack on the flop appears so I shove & win.I get QJ in the SB & complete. I flop a gutshot but have to fold to a bet. I move tables again. I peek at 55 in LP, push, and win the blinds & ante. In the BB, I look at A7o. A couple of limpers to me and I check my option. Flop is A-7-2 all spades. A lady in the SB bets out, I shove, all fold & I win. Later, the same lady shoves, I look at QQ UTG+2 and re-shove, everybody else folds. She had AJo & gets a Jack but nothing else. I bust her and am back up to over t50k. I lose some with TT to a shorty's AA to go back down to t30,500 at t1500/2500/2500 BBA with 25 minutes or 6 players left until we bag up for the night. I fold 22 in the BB to a raise and a call. It's then announced we have 5 more hands left, which means I will be the BB in the last hand. In the next to last hand, I shove with Ad6d & win the blinds & ante. I lose my BB hand, tho, but I find a bag and make day 2! Although, I have a microstack- t24,500, so I have my work cut out for me. On the recommendation fof another player, I went to Harrah's casino just up the street to eat at their 360 Steakhouse. I have never eaten at Jack Binion's Steakhouse at the Horseshoe but she assured me it was not as good as 360. Considering how spectacular my meal was at 360, it would be hard, if not impossible, to beat. I went back to my hotel room to relax for a bit, then I decided to go down to the hot tub and relax a bit. There was one other guy in there and we chatted a bit. I left after about 30 minutes and went back up to my room to shower and sleep.

    On Thursday the 7th, I got up at 8am and got dressed so I could eat at the continental breakfast at my hotel. I did, then went back up to my room to pack and take a short nap. I got back up at 11 and finished getting ready. I put all my stuff in my car, except all the stuff I had that was temperature-sensitive, which turned out to be a lot, and checked out of the hotel. I drove my car to the casino parking lot & walked in to start day 2. Of the 50 players left, I'm 48th with 8 big blinds to start, so let's spin it up! On the second hand, I had QJo and shoved. Everybody folded, including the guy across from me who claimed to have folded KQ. Phew! Dodged a bullet there. I had to fold my BB to a raise, but in the SB, I get 98o, call the BB, and he almost raises, then checks. Flop is 9-6-3 two clubs. I shove, BB folds, and the player who folded KQ earlier calls with AcTc. The board blanks out and I double up! Now with t59k at t2k/3k/3k BBA. I lose a bit, then the table breaks as we are down to 45 players, paying 30. I get KK OTB, shove over an LP's 3x open, and he tank-folds, giving me the pot. I get KK again in the C/O, shove my 15bbs, and win the blinds & ante. I get AJo in the SB, shove again, and win the blinds, ante, and a limp. My table breaks again, and at my new one, I get AdTd, open to t11k, and take it down. I get 88 UTG and limp, as do 3 others. Flop is 9-6-3. I check, OTB bets, we all fold. He shows QQ. Phew again! I have A2 in the BB & have to fold to the SB's raise. He shows an Ace. I fold AdTd to a button shove. He shows QQ and when I told him what I folded, he can't believe I found a fold, but I'm just trying to cash, as we're on the bubble. I get Jd7d in the SB, limp, and the BB checks. Flop A-K-X one diamond. We both check. Turn 7. I check, he bets t6k, I call. River Kd. We both check and my two pair is good! Another player busted on the neighboring table and we are in the money! I find JJ in the SB. OTB raises, I shove, and he calls with KQ. A Queen appears right on the flop, I don't catch up, and I'm done. I get 28th for a min-cash for $293. I tip the stray $18 to end with a net payout of $275, or a $90 profit for 8 hours of tournament play over two days, lol. But considering how short stacked I was for the last half of that, I'll take it. My ex is dealing on a nearby table and looks at me with a puzzled look as I stand up to leave, so I wave goodbye, gather my stuff, and leave for home. I'm very encouraged by these results and am looking forward to playing a few more bigger tournaments coming up.

  14. I played in my room today since I hadn't played in two weeks and I had some time before tonight's snowstorm hit so I made my way out. My ex expressed to me yesterday that she doesn't have any disposable income right now so she won't be joining me anytime soon. The tournament did not go well- I had no premium hands, neither a pair nor a big Ace. So, after chipping down, I shoved 12bbs with KsQs, got called by JJ, and lost the race. So, I get on the cash list. About 15 minutes later I get a seat. About 30 minutes into my session, I get back-to-back hands that make my entire day- first is KhTh. The flop is a King with two hearts, and while I brick the flush draw, my ten kicker is good enough to take it down, as I was against K9. The very next hand, I get AA and 3-bet pre. The same player calls and we see a rainbow 9-high flop with no obvious draws. I call his flop bet, check-raise the turn, and blind shove before the river comes out. He calls and mucks when I roll over my Aces. Wow! That got me up to about $770. I should have hit-and-run, but other action players took their spots. I dwindled down to about $500, won a bit back, and finally left after an hour and a half with $605, up $305 from my initial buy-in. I got a shamrock shake and relaxed at home. It's good to book winning sessions. I'm way up for this year already and I look forward to getting more positive results soon!

  15. Played in my room earlier today. My ex, who played last Friday, giving up her pledge to not play for a while, called me wanting to know if I was going to play. I was leaning that way, so we went. She ended up opposite of me on the same table. I won a few small pots right away to quickly get up to t10k (t6k start). I didn't play a lot, employing a patient style. I did get super lucky holding 88 against KK when I went runner-runner straight. That got me to t22,300 at the first break. I was mostly card dead but still played patiently. My ex was short stacked most of the day, finally pushing with KTo, only to run into AA. But the flop was K-Q-T! Her two pair was in the lead, but the turn 3 and river 3 counterfeited her to give all her chips to the other guy. Not long after she left, I got KK and raised. The guy that busted her called and we saw a flop of 8-7-7. He went all-in and I called. He had 66 and the board ran out clean and I avenged my ex. That got me up to t41k at the second break. We had 92 runners but they were dropping quickly so by now we were down to 2 tables. I didn't get many hands, and frankly, I didn't play well near the bubble, so I did make the final table and the cash, but I had chipped down to t17k, or just under 3bbs. I got lucky to draw to 10 seat so I didn't have to push right away. Two players busted, so when I looked at KQo, I shoved all-in. A guy behind me with t16k shoved behind me, and the big stack luck box called. Big stack had AKo and guy behind me had AQo. Oops! A king did flop, and a third club on the turn gave me the only flush draw, but I bricked everything so the big stack took both pots & I finished in 7th for a $147 payout. The t16k guy didn't tip so I dropped in $12 and took $135 to the cashier for a $75 profit. Not a lot, but I cashed. Yay? I'm happy with my play and am confident I can continue to get some good results going forward.

  16. Well, I dealt a complete 9-high heart straight flush on the board earlier today. Not sure if that should count, but one guy did have the Ten of hearts for a higher straight flush & he got full value from the other player who couldn't give up a potential half of the pot. I guess I am counting it for that reason. That's 5 this year. I see I also forgot to note that the bad beat went off again a couple of weeks ago, and again a dealer hired after me dealt it. It was about 1:45am on a Thursday, in a wild $1/2 game that was featuring $80 blinds raises. Damn, lol. Anyway, it's at $18k now, which means our summer business will be low thanks to not having a big jackpot to pull people in. Oh, well. Maybe that means I'll have time to enjoy life instead of always being stuck in a poker room.

  17. I dealt a one-outer Royal Flush yesterday, to a man who wouldn't have tipped, probably, so no loss that we don't pay for them anymore. Up to 6 this year.

  18. Played for a bit in my room earlier today. My ex called me this morning wanting to play, and also wanting to do a swap of sorts- if one of us cashed and the other didn't, the casher would refund the other's buy-in. I agreed because we're both good players and better than the average in my room. I played patiently again and picked up orphan pots when I felt I could. I won holding AsKs against J9o on a T-K-8 flop. His OESD bricked and that got me up to around t13k. I lost a bit before the break when my King-high, top pair hand lost to Q3o when he rivered two pair. Nice hand, I guess? Anyway, I had t10,600 at the first break. My ex was already out and playing cash by then, and it looked like she was doing well. It all went wrong when I came back from the break. I had to fold to shoves over my opens, which left me with 10 bbs. My table broke and I got the seat my ex was in when she busted. I lost a round of blinds then, with 7.5 bbs, shoved with AKo OTB over UTG's open, and he called quickly with KK. Well, his Ace magnets didn't attract one, nor did my only flush draw get there. I was done after 2 hours. My ex had left by then, and considering how tired I was, I left for home. So this is my first losing day of the year, but a minor one. It's too bad I didn't feel like playing because the game my ex left looked juicy. Oh, well. I'll get 'em next time.

  19. Played in my room earlier today, both cash and tournament. My ex called me early today wanting to get there before the rain started, so we had time to play cash before the tourney. She lost her buy-in quickly and I lost $80 in a game that had been going all night and was active when I first sat down. We ate breakfast before the tournament where we discovered we were on the same table. She wanted to avoid conflict so we agreed to respect each other's raises. Thankfully, we never tangled in a hand. In the tourney itself, I played a patient game, not getting many hands the first two levels. I had a string of good hands that all held- AQo, 77, and AQo again. I then got super lucky when I held KQ and called an all-in of a short stack who had AA. Flop was X-X-T, turn A, river J! It wasn't a big pot but it did get me to around t12k. I bled off a few chips before the first break to have t8800 then. My ex had about the same. My table was good but I did have a couple of better players to my left. A huge hand developed against one of then, who happened to have a big stack- in EP, I raised to t1600 (blinds t300/600) with JdTd and he called. Flop was Qd-8d-9s. Bazinga! I led out t2200, he called. Turn Kc. I led out t4600, he called again. River was a 6x. I shoved t7500, he cut out the chips to call, then tanked, eventually folding and showing the 9d7d, saying I dodged a would of outs. I rolled over my hand saying I flopped it and he was drawing dead. That got me up to over t20k and I thought I was on my way. I gave him back some chips when my 88 got outflopped by his A6 on an A-X-6 board. I bled off a few more and then I shoved with KQo OTB, hoping to take down the limps. One of then called off his stack with 66 and we were off to the races. I didn't improve so I lost 2/3rds of my stack. My ex then busted with 99 into QJ on A Q-high board. Now in the danger zone, a few hands later I called all-in for less with JJ and ran into QQ, lol. No 2-outer and I was done. It's going to change a bit because my ex got a full-time truck driving job so she won't be joining me anytime soon. I'm still going to play but now I can eat at home and take my time. I'm going to play next week on Tuesday in my room and then next Thursday up at Meskwaki in both a main event qualifier and cash games, if I have time. Good luck to me!

  20. Dealt a king-high straight flush in spades sometime last week. I really need to remember to blog when it happens. The player joked about getting his $200 payout. That's 7 this year.

  21. Played in my room earlier today. My ex started a new job and she told me she's kind of burned out on poker right now, so I'll be rolling solo for the foreseeable future. Therefore, I didn't have to get up too early nor hurry out of the house. I got there about 10 minutes before the tournament began and got registered immediately. My patient playing style paid off again as I avoided what would have been several tricky spots early on by folding marginal hands pre. The first real conflict I has was when I held QQ in EP, open raised, and got re-raised by a lady in the big blind. There was a real possibility she may have had AA or KK in that spot, but I decided my upside was too great, so I shoved, and she insta-called with TT. I flopped a Q and rivered one, too, so I would have won if she held a bigger pair anyway. I got the double up and then proceeded to pick up pots when I felt I could, accumulating t15,700 by the first break. I went a bit card dead but didn't panic. I then got in a huge hand three ways- a short stack in EP went all-in, the big stack to his left just called, and I overshoved with AcQc. The big stack made the easy call with TT (shorty had QTo). Flop was 6c-Jx-Jc. A decent flop for my hand. The turn brought some chop outs with the 6x, but the lovely 2c came on the river, giving me a near-triple-up and a lot of room to maneuver. I had t28k at the second break but that would only be 7bbs coming back. So, when I saw 99 OTB, I shoved over an EP's raise only to have him instacall with KK. Oops! Lol. No miracle for me and I am left with t5000, with the BB at t4000. I pass on A5o because of two raises ahead of me, so UTG I look at J2o and, figuring it's better than most potential BBs, put it in. Sadly, I'm up against KJ and KQ. No deuces for me and I'm done about 7 places short of the money. I decide not to play in any of the cash games because none of them look appealing, so I just come home and relax. I am going to play up at Meskwaki on Thursday in a $250+10 MSPT qualifier, with the intent of selling it if I get in, and cash games if I don't. Then, I'll probably take next week off with the WSOP-C in Council Bluffs the following week. Let's go!

  22. Played up at Meskwaki casino earlier today, as part of the Mid-States Poker Tour that's currently there. My intent was to play the 1pm $250+10 main event qualifier, sell the seat if I get one, and/or play cash games. I got there just before the tournament began and took my seat. I saw a lot of familiar faces at my table- many of the players from my casino were up there playing all over. My patient game style really paid off this time. It's a 20% advance qualifier, so play stops once we get down to that number, so there's no need to take big risks, just survive. I got some decent hands and I ran pretty good, too- I had A9 a few time in the first hour and won with most of them, and AT made two pair for a nice pot. I got 66 in LP and flatted an opener's raise. He was one of the players from my casino and I thought if I flop a set, I'm going to get all of his chips. Well, I flopped that set, he bet, and I called. Turn was inconsequential, he shoved, and I snap called. He rolled over KK and the river was no help so I collected the pot. After the first two levels I had t20,875 (starting t12k) and I was feeling good. I then had my moment of misfortune when with 9d9h I raised and another familiar player flatted. We saw a flop Kc-Ts-Xc. I bet & he called. Turn was the Jc, ugh. Check-check. River 2d. I bet a lot of my stack trying to rep the flush & he came over the top. After tanking for about a minute, I gave it up. He later told me he had AcQc, so although I technically had the best hand after the flop, he was ahead statistically. It's also hard to rep what your opponent has, lol. That left me with t3650, or about 10bbs. But, I didn't panic, I just went back to work. I shoved 3 times in a row with hands like A7o & KQs to capture blinds & antes. Now with about 15bbs, I could just standard open & see flops. I did, and took down pots when I felt i had the advantage. I got all the way back up to t16,800 at the first break. I felt fortunate to have even that much. I just continued to chip up. I got back all of the chips I lost and then some to the AQ guy when I held 66 again and we tangled in a pot- I opened for t2500 (blinds t500/1000/1000 BBA) and he called. Flop J-X-Xr. I c-bet t3500, he called. Turn 6. I bet t4000, he thinks, but calls. River Q. I fire again t7500. He looks unhappy, says "I put you on Queens," but finally lets it go. That and a few orphan pots picked up get me to t66,800 after level 6. There's 34 players left, and 21 of us get seats. I kind of go into protect mode after that, choosing to not get into major conflicts, especially after a big stack gets moved to my table. At the second break I have t44,500, or 22bbs, and there's only 23 players left. I still sit back and play no hands while two people go out on the other tables to get me & 20 of my closest friends seats! Yee haw! Nobody was willing to buy it from my table so I walked by the high-limit cash game and displayed it. I got an immediate acceptance of my offer to sell it for $1000. I went to go eat before I decided on any cash games. On my way back, I sat at a Cajun Stud table in the pit and quickly dusted off $100. Lol! Oh, well. I figured that was enough for the day so I came home with the rest of my winnings. There's a lot of value in those satellites. I'm going to take next week off, but in two weeks is the WSOP-C at the Horseshoe Council Bluffs. Maybe a ring is in my future. I know I'm running good enough to take one down right now. Let's do it!

  23. I set a dubious record dealing earlier today- I made $2 on my first down, a new record low for a single down. My previous record was $6, which I set nearly 3 years ago in my first cash down ever. I should have known it was going to be bad because when I pushed in I instantly got a headache. Then, I didn't notice I wasn't getting any tips until I looked at my toke box about 5 hands in and saw nothing. Great, I thought, but there's still time to turn it around. But, no, it never did for that down. I whispered "Good Luck" to the next dealer as he pushed in. I also had to take Advil because I knew there was no way I was going to make it if i didn't. Thankfully, the rest of the day was good, even at that table, because all of the stiffers cycled out after that down, and this new record will be tough to beat. I hope.

  24. Dealt two straight flushes earlier today- 6-high in hearts, and king-high in clubs. Numbers 8 and 9 for the year.

    I'm currently taking a little break from playing because my play at the WSOP-C in Council Bluffs last week wasn't positive, for which I'm still writing a trip report, and I have other things going on. But, I will return soon in the ramp-up to my Vegas trip at the end of May.

  25. Played in my casino earlier, and, to put it mildly, it didn't go well. I said to myself that if i didn't go deep, I had enough time to do yard work. I think I jinxed myself. I got no real hands- 33 and 22 bricked, then I did bet the river with bottom pair against a player, whom I later discovered was a former dealer, who showed signs of disinterest in the pot. I got short, then shoved Ad8d and he called with Ah8h. No drama on the flop and we chopped it. I then opened to t600 at level 3 (t100/200) with 88, got reraised to t1200, another guy called, then I shoved t2750, reraiser reshoved to t3200, and the other guy called. Reraiser had KK and the caller had KcQc. Because KK didn't shove over my initial raise that allowed the caller in the pot and he rivered a flush to bust us both. I hung around for a bit and chatted with the staff and players, then lost $100 in a slot machine that hits all the time, then went to the Cafe to get a to-go sandwich and head home for the inevitable yard work. Try again later.

    Yes, I'm still writing the trip report for the WSOP-C from 3 weeks ago. Probably because it isn't positive is why I'm dragging it along. I'll get it eventually, I swear.

  26. Dealt a queen-high straight flush in spades on Sunday, and a club Royal flush earlier tonight. The Royal guy was against AA and 99 so he came from way behind to triple up. If either of his opponents would have had jacks, that would have been a bad beat, because it came X-Jx-Jc, Qc, Tc. I saw him walk away from the table empty-handed about a half hour later. Some people can't stand prosperity. Straight flushes 10 and 11 this year.

  27. Dealt a steel wheel in hearts for straight flush number 12 this year.

  28. Played in my room for a bit today. I originally was going to be totally lazy today, considering the dreary weather, but my ex called me out of the blue this morning, and since I haven't seen her in weeks, I dragged myself out of bed and we went. In retrospect, I shouldn't have. I lost $100 in a slot machine then I played cash for about an hour before the tournament, losing $210 in a game where I had no big hands, and my opponents caught a bevy of 3-outers against me. The tournament didn't go well, either. I started to feel waves of fatigue hit me, and although I tried to maintain my concentration, it did get to me a bit. I lost several small pots to get down to t3250 at t200bb, when I started shoving in spots I thought were advantageous. For instance, I was in the BB and witnessed about 5 limps in front of me. I looked at A8o, moved in, and they all folded. I did that a couple of times to get up to t7400, then it all went bad- in the last hand before break, UTG limped t400, I looked at TT UTG+1 and raised to t1500, UTG+2 shoves all-in for about t3500, all others fold, and I made the crying call. She had AA, lol. No miracle for me and I'm down to t3600, which will be 6bbs coming back. In the second hand after break, she limps UTG, a couple of others call, I look at JJ in the BB and push. UTG calls, all others fold, and she rolls over AA again! She limped AA UTG! Again, no 2-outer and I'm done. Wow. Must be nice to #RunGood. My ex was still in, so I texted her "Good Luck" but she texted back she just went out when her Aces got cracked. Oof. I wasn't feeling well so we went our separate ways. It just sucks I'm starting to run bad. It's probably the third year in a row a downswing has started in April. What gives? At least I have the financial stability to endure it, but for once in my life I'd like the upswing to last through my Vegas trip, which is in 4 weeks. I'm probably only going to play once or twice more before then, just to limit the damage. Here's hoping I can turn it around!

  29. Dealt a ten-high straight flush in hearts today. 13 so far this year.

  30. @zzjitterzz - haven't been on the site in a while but just caught up on the blog. I call bullshit on runbad starting in April. You had a bad session on a day you weren't at your best and weren't prepared to go play. So, fuck the runbad. You are going to come out to Las Vegas and crush -- unless you are at my table, then you're screwed :)

    P.S. I'm working in poker now. I'm a "game attendant" (aka chip runner) at Aria for at least the summer. Hopefully, there will be something open after the summer poker season and I'll stay on after.

  31. Dealt a 9-high diamond straight flush today. Fourteen this year.

    Dave, I know it's probably just a coincidence but 3 years in a row is a pattern. I do look forward to winning in Vegas, and I'll try to pop down to the Aria poker room since I have so much time this trip- a full week! I'm starting to look forward to the trip in general. I'm only going to play once more before, too- next week. Hopefully I can have a good week to pump me up before my trip!

  32. Dealt a 6-high straight flush in spades earlier today in the $5/5/10 NLHE game we have that has replaced the $2/5 game. I got a decent tip and, in fact, have made good money this week, in stark contrast to last week, when I guess I just pushed pots to all the wrong people. I'm glad last week was just an anomaly. Fifteen straight flushes this year.

  33. @zzjitterzz - right now, I'm only working part time. But, once the series starts and Aria puts out the extra tables for the summer, I expect to be working 40 hours a week, or more.


  34. Earlier, I dealt my 16th straight flush this year- a Queen-high in diamonds.

  35. Well, my original plan for today was to play both the Tuesday tournament and cash games in my room as a final tune-up before my Vegas trip next week, but I just wasn't feeling well enough to get out of the house, so it will have been almost a month between sessions when I get to town Monday. I hope I'm not too rusty! Also, I swear I'll get the trip report posted from the WSOP-C in Council Bluffs from April 1st & 2nd before I go. I'm going to write a little bit each night until I get it done. I'm only half excited for the trip. Not saying I'm going to give up poker, or that I'm expecting defeat, but I'm thinking I'm going to reevaluate my poker playing schedule when I get back, regardless of whether the result is good or bad. It will probably involve more fun vacations and fewer days off to play. We'll see.

  36. Okay, here it is. Sorry for the delay. I went to the Horseshoe Casino in Council Bluffs, Iowa on April 1 and 2 to play a WSOP Circuit event and some cash games. Spoiler alert, it didn't go well. The ring event I wanted to play started at Noon but there was no way I was going to be there at the start, so I planned to late register. I left my house at 11am and the drive is 2 hours. I got there just after 1pm and registered midway through the third level (t75/150). I won with QJ when I bet the turned Jack. KJo whiffs and loses. Right before the first break, I get 99 in LP and open to t500 (level 4, t100/200). BB 3-bets to t2100, I call. Flop Q-J-9. He bets t1500, I raise to t4000, he folds. Darn, may have lost so value there, but the board was wet enough that I wanted to win right away. Anyway, I had increased my t30k starting stack to t33,500 on the break. I get AdAh in MP and raise to t700 over one limper (level 5, t100/200/25) and get 4 callers! Flop was Q-X-X, all diamonds. Check to me, and since I hold the Ace of diamonds, I bet t200, and all fold. Kd3d turns straight and flush draws but bricks the river, so I fold. With Kh9h, I open in EP to t800 in level 6 (t150/300/50) and only the BB calls. Flop is Tx-8h-6h. He checks, I c-bet t1150, he folds. KdTd flops a gutshot but bricks, so I fold the river. At level 7 (t200/400/50), I look at 44 in MP and open to t1000. Lp calls, but the BB 3-bets to t3400 and I decide to fold. The LP calls and the flop is 5x-Ac-4c. Dammit! BB bets, LP calls. Turn 5c. BB shoves, LP folds, and the BB shows QQ. Would have won a big one there. Oh, well. I get JTo OTB, raise to t1300, first limper 3-bets to t4400, second limper 4-bets to t11,000, I fold, first calls. Flop is 6h-5h-6x. First shoves, second folds, lol. A8o rivers an Ace and wins. I flop an OESD with QJo but it whiffs so I fold. I get AQo UTG, raise to t1500 (level 8, t250/500/75), get 2 callers, SB calls, BB 3-bets. I tank-fold, the 2 initial callers fold, SB calls. Flop was nondescript, they shove & show JJ (SB) & QQ (BB). The Queens hold & double up. Other 2 callers had 77 & 99. Lol, I was in fifth place. With AQo in Sb, raise to t2000, a player with whom I'm familiar in the BB is the only caller. Flop was nothing, so I c-bet and take it down. At the second break, I had t25,200. Not ideal to lose chips, but still a lot a play left. At level 9 (t300/600/100), I look at KK UTG and raise to t1500, getting 3 callers. Flop A-Q-T. I bet t2500, 1 caller. Turn Q. I bet t4000, he calls. River 7, third spade. I bet t7500, he shoves, I fold. Ugh. That mistake left me with around t9000. Not too much later, I find AKo and shove over the same player's open. He courtesy calls with J9o. Flop has an unlucky Jack, turn Queen to give me more outs, and the river is a beautiful Ace! I double up to just over t20k. later, I get AxKc, this time in LP, and 3-bet to t4000, and two players call. Flop is no pair but two clubs. Check to me, I c-bet t6500, both fold, bringing my stack back to what it was before the break. I have to fold AhTh when the flop bricks. AKo bricks again & I fold the turn. Ax7c flops an Ace, I check, other player bets, I call, we're heads-up. Turn is a third club. I bet t4000, he calls. River blank, I bet t5000, he calls & wins with AJo. Frak. Down to 10bbs, I open-shove with Kd4d & win the blinds & antes. In my BB, the lucky player from before opens, the SB calls, I look at AQo and shove, both fold. I get A7o in LP and open raise. A new player to my left 3-bets, and since I have no info on him, I fold. Finally, in my SB, the lucky nemesis raises to t2300 (at t500/1000/100), I look at Ad2d and shove t9600, and he calls with AJo. The board gives me no help and I'm done. I'm not at all happy with my play. There were a lot of spots I could have played much better. I go off to find dinner. I go to one of my favorite spots in Omaha- Sgt. Peffer's Italian Cafe for a delicious meatball, provolone, and mozzarella pizza. It was so good. I can't believe I've never had a pizza from there before, and I will definitely have many, many more. I go back to my room to formulate a plan for the rest of the evening. I decide to play cash games. I donk off $100 playing Ultimate Texas Hold 'Em in the pit waiting for my seat. Some guy also from Des Moines is on a huge heater at the Mississippi Stud table next door. I finally get into a game- $1/3 NLHE at 9:45pm, starting with $300. 96 flops bottom two pair, AJo turns a Jack, both winners. I would have tripled up if I would have called with AQo against two LAGs, but I folded pre. Ad4d rivers an Ace for a decent pot. A9o flops TPTK, but I correctly fold to significant action. I raise to $13 OTB with T9o, getting three callers. Flop is a wonderful K-Q-J. Check to me, I bet $20, they all fold, dammit. I'm getting tired and the cards are going cold, so I cash out at 11:30pm for $275. Being only down $25 was pretty good for that game. I go to bed with the plan to get up and play the $2/3 game the next day.

    On Tuesday the 2nd, I get up way too early- 7am. I get up & put on pants so I can go downstairs & eat the continental breakfast at the hotel. I go back up to the room for a long, 3-hour nap. I get up for the day to go eat at the Buck Snort in downtown Council Bluffs. I had a brisket sandwich which was very good. I go back to my room but I can't get in! The cleaning lady lets me back in and that seals the decision to pack up and leave. The front desk lady kindly refunds the cost of one night's stay back to my card, which was very welcome because the hotel company's website double charged me. She also told me to deal with the front desk directly next time for any mess ups like that. I put all my stuff in my car and head for the casino to play the very good $2/3 NLHE game they spread. I get a seat immediately in the must move table at 3:55pm, buying in for $500. My first hand is Js9s. A Jack flops and it holds for my first pot. Qh5h turns a a flush draw, the river bricks, but Queen high is good!I get 9c8c in UTG+2, open for $15, and the big blind is the only caller. Flop is 7c-6x-5x. Nice! I lead out for $15, he raises to $35, I reraise to $75, he calls. Turn Jc. I bet $175, he tank-folds. Dang it. AJo with him again. Flop K-X-Q. Check-check. Turn blank. Check-check. River Jx. I bet $40, he raises to $125, I fold. I get moved to the main game at 4:55pm. KcTc OTB, I call a $12 raise. Flop is 7-high, two clubs. I call a $20 bet. Turn blank, UTG bets $75, I fold. AJo UTG+1 and QQ UTG both open for $15 and get two callers. I bet $20 on the flop on both and everybody folds. Then, AJo in the BB, raise to $15, three callers. Flop Ace high. I lead out $25, one caller. Turn X, bet $45, he calls. River J, bet $100, he folds. QQ UTG again, raise to $15, three callers. Flop Qd-7x-3d. I lead out $20, UTG+2 raises to $60, BB calls, I reraise to $160, both fold. I won a nice pot but I think I lost some value there. Then, two disastrous hands- with AJo (I didn't write down the preflop action, but it was probably I raised and got two callers), I think I flopped a backdoor straight and flush draw on a X-T-T flop and bet, they both call. Turn is another Ten. I probably should have given it up here, but I decide to turn my busted draws into a pure bluff, betting out again. The guy to my immediate left looks concerned, but he calls, as does the other player. River is a total brick, I bet out $200, guy to my left shoves, other player folds, and I fold with my tail between my legs. He shows a Ten for quads, so at least I have a behavioral baseline for him. That took away all of my profit for the day. A bit later, again with AcJx in the HiJack, I raise to $20, quads guy in the cutoff calls, the Button raises to $60, we both call. Flop Qc-Jc-Xx. I check, the c/o checks, BTN bets $105, I call, c/o folds. Turn Kx, I check, and he goes all-in, covering me. I knew I wasn't drawing stone dead, but I have difficulty putting him on a hand with this line (It's pretty obvious now he had a big pair), so I call. River is a blank, I show, and he rolls over KK for a turned set. That busts me and I decide I'm done playing like a fish so I leave for home. I definitely could have saved hundreds by being a little more careful on both of those hands. Oh, well. Vegas is in a little over 36 hours so I will be looking to make up for these mistakes. I'm going to binge-watch the Ivey Masterclass tomorrow night so it's fresh in my mind for my trip. Wish me luck!

  37. Dealt a jack-high straight flush in clubs today for my 17th this year. The board was paired, but, of course, I couldn't give anyone else the pocket pair necessary for the bad beat. That's okay in this instance, because the guy who got the SF didn't tip. He's not staying in town much longer so I wouldn't want him to get any of it anyway.

    As for a trip report for my Vegas trip, it's not going to happen. I got home yesterday- 2 days early- because I went 0-for-5 for the second year in a row. I just can't win there. A couple of points- The Mirage 7pm is now $100 and uses a big blind ante, which was a surprise to a couple of the dealers. I cannot recommend playing it because the structure is stupid fast. I played it Monday and got crippled by a guy who called off his whole stack with nothing but Ace-high, but of course he caught an Ace to double through me. On Tuesday, I played the $150 Casino Employee's event at Planet Hollywood. SO many green dealers made it somewhat unpleasant, but also because I played for 7 hours, finishing 18/77 for $0. The WSOP Casino Employees event #1 got 686 players, way up from last year, and even more than two years ago. The new structure gave a lot more play. I was around starting stack all day, shoving 7 or 8 times when I was short, but at the end of level 11, I shoved my 15BB stack UTG with Ah4h. The BB reraises to isolate and he has KsKc. Flop is 5x-2x-Xh. Turn 6h. But, I can't get a draw when it counts, as the 4d river isn't any help. I was out in about 270th after about 9 hours. I seriously contemplated changing my flight to the next day, but i decided to stick it out at least one more day. I played the Planey hollywood "C-note" $100 $100K guarantee, but lasted only and hour and 15 minutes. I got crippled, but did bust, when my AJo lost to TT on a T-J-J, T, X board, but busted later when my KJo couldn't outrace 66. I went back to my room and changed my flight for real this time. I put on a kilt and went out to try and have a good time, but I felt ill not too long into it, so I just went back to my room to relax. It was another awful trip. I'll probably be back, but I'm going to stop traveling extensively for poker, just recreational play whenever I feel like it. The dream of winning big playing poker is dead. When I was delivering pizzas, I thought it was going to be my way out of that dead end job, but now that I have a good job, I no longer need it. So be it, life goes on.

  38. Played in my room earlier today, looking for a little birthday #RunGood. It didn't start out well, tho- I had A5o, flop K-A-A, turn 5, river K, and ended up chopping with A2, and then I lost with KK against a short stack's A9o AIPF, board A-9-9, A, X. So, I was down to about t3200 chips. So, I started shoving before my stack got too short. First time was with ATo and I got called by 55. An Ace flopped right in the window and I faded all his outs to double up. Shortly thereafter, I got a big blind special- holding 75o, it limped to me and I checked. Flop was 2-7-K. Checked around. Turn 7. I checked, MP bet, I check-raised, he called. River was a 5. I bet, he shoved, and I called. He had KX and I collected all of his chips. At the first break, I had t17,400. A rollercoaster followed but I still chipped up- I had JJ and lost to a shorty's AQo, doubling him up. The very next hand, I had QcQx and beat KJo, and even though a King flopped, I four-flushed him to bust him. I won a raised pot preflop with AKo by raising big. I did double up a shorty when my A9o was outdrawn by his QJo. However, the positive outweighed the negative and I had t32,600 as we got to t1k/2k blinds. Here's where I made a mistake- with ATo, instead of just shoving pre with 16bbs, I opened to t6k. A limper nearly shoved over the top, and I tank-folded, giving him credit for a big hand. He later said he had KQ. Gah! Anyway, that left me short, so UTG I looked at A8o and open-shoved. The big stack casually called and a shorty also called off. They had QQ and TT, respectively. I didn't catch a 3-outer so I was done in about 21st place. So much for birthday mojo in the tournament.

    I quickly got into a cash game and requested a change to the action table next to it. My initial table was mostly passive. I flopped a set with 66 but lost a little value by table talking incorrectly. Oh, well, still a decent pot and really the only one at that table. I got my table change and oh what a difference. The chips were moving at this one. The big stack was an active Asian Gentleman who is well known for calling off light, but he was hitting whatever he needed today. He was the whole reason I transferred. I don't remember most of the action, as I wasn't involved in too many pots, but I do remember holding AK and shoving on an Ace-high flop over a $50 bet and the Asian Gentleman's call. The first bettor commented he folded because AG was behind him, and AG showed and folded an Ace. Damn, I probably could have doubled up there, but the way he was hitting, it was probably a good thing to take it down right there. I had about ~$545 at the peak, but bled off a little, leaving with $460. That $160 profit in the cash game means I made $100 today, which breaks my two and a half month long losing streak. Going forward, I'm just going to play recreationally whenever the mood strikes, not taking days off and traveling to play bigger events, except the WSOP. So, big scores are probably not in my future, but I'm okay with that. I'm not a pro nor do I wish to be. It's just for fun.

  39. @zzjitterzz - Don't be too discouraged by the tournament results, remember tournaments are extremely high variance. Unless you are grinding 100s of tourneys online or get lucky in a bigger live event, you are much better off working on your cash game, grinding out a decent hourly win rate from that, and taking the profits for an occasional shot at a tournament.

    P.S. Sorry I missed you while you were out here in Vegas. Next time you come out, we should get together.

  40. Hello everybody! Yeah, this blog is still going. I have dealt a straight flush lately but I'll be darned if I can remember when or what. Anyway, I played yesterday in my room for the first time in 5 weeks, mainly because I'm playing tomorrow at Meskwaki casino in a $250 satellite and/or cash games. I didn't do well in the tournament yesterday- I had AsKs and got it in against A2o, but we ended up chopping when the board double paired. A series of second-best hands and missed draws had me down to 17BBs at level 4, t200/400, so I started shoving. I got 3 shoves through (I know the last successful one was AA), but then I shoved with AJo and got called by 88. I didn't improve, so I was out after about an hour. I sat in the one running cash game and picked off a bluff of a played that had done that to me before, then I doubled him up when my flopped top pair with K9o lost to his turned straight with J9o. Other than him and another player, it was a nitty game, so I moved to a new game when it opened. It didn't go much better there. More second-best hands, including ATo<AA on an Ace-high flop, but at least I folded the river. I left after playing for 2 hours down $290. So I guess I'm all tuned up for tomorrow! Lol. Whatever happens is okay with me since I'm no longer trying to score big playing anymore.

  41. Well, I played yesterday at Meskwaki casino as part of the Mid-States Poker tour that's in town. I played the $250+10 satellite in to the Main Event just to try to get a ticket and sell it, since I have to work all weekend. I got there just at the end of level 1 to find the turnout was lower than previous events. I sat down to see a couple of familiar faces (a lot of the players from my casino make the hour drive to play in this event 3 times a year). I got a mediocre start- AA got 2 streets of value but my opponent folded to my less-than-pot sized river shove. If he would have called and my hand held, the whole tournament changes. But, that was my peak- about t15,000 from my t12k start. I then ran into AA from one of the familiar players but her flop shove was way too big to call with just top pair. However, none of my raises were being respected- I was getting 3-bet a lot- and all of my draws were whiffing. By the first break, I had t5400, which would be just 9bb coming back, so I was in shove mode. I folded A7o & A4o to open raises. I should have overshoved with KJo to a raise and a call, but I knew at least one of them was going to call, and I was racing at best. It turns out they had 88 & 77 and I would have hit a King on the river and tripled up. Oh, well. My fold was correct at the time. Finally, I open-shoved 6.5bbs with K8o from EP. A MP player overshoves and I know I'm in trouble. He has AQo, flops an Ace & I bust after about 2 hours of play. So, on to cash games. It took about a half hour then I got a seat in the $1/3 (5) PLO/E game. I saw several familiar faces at the table. My first $500 buy-in went *poof!* when my middle set got rivered by two pair that made a bigger boat (a short stack with a flopped straight was also in). I reloaded my last $500 I brought and the player that won that hand soon left. I should have taken his seat, because the guy that sat there, while he busted his first $100 buy-in, ran his second $100 buy-in up to over $800, including doubling through me when my bottom set got crushed by his slow-played top set. A little frustration set in and I folded before the river and gave up half of the side pot, about $30 or so. My available time was running short and I was tired of missing all draws, so I shoved with bottom 2 pair, got called by top 2 pair, but I caught a lucky Ace to make a bigger 2 pair. Phew! That got me back up to ~$550 but I couldn't get any more back, so I left after just under 2 hours, down $480. I wanted to play PLO because it's been a while since I've played, and it was the only decent game going at the time. I think I'm going to take a break from traveling to play poker. I had thought about going to Horseshoe Council Bluffs in October for the RunGood Poker Series, and possibly to Harrah's North Kansas City in December for the same thing, but I don't think I want to now. I've also concluded I don't want to play the fall MSPT at Meskwaki, because it also conflicts with Halloween. There's plenty of time to change my mind, but those are my thought for now. If my ex wants to play somewhere, I'll probably join her, and I'll play the occasional Tuesday tournament at my casino. My bankroll is down 80% from the spring. Why is it every summer I run so bad and lose the majority of my roll? So frustrating.

  42. I dealt SO MANY bad beat eligible boards today- easily 10 double paired boards and a few pair with a potential straight flush boards- but nobody had a qualifying hand in any of them. In fact, I don't think I dealt any quads today. Weird how that works out sometimes. Also, this has been one of my worst weeks in a while. I damn near lost twice as much playing poker as I have earned dealing this week. Thankfully, it's just one week, and I have enough saved up to more than absorb the losses. Life goes on.

  43. Dealt a Royal Flush in diamonds earlier today in a big, interesting pot. It all began when the UTG player went all-in in the dark for $101. UTG+2 called, as did the button. Flop was Ad-9x-6x. UTG+2 went all-in for $209, and BTN called. UTG+2 had KdJd, and BTN had A9o. Turn Qd. River Td. Lol, UTG+2 went runner-runner Royal. UTG had some unimportant junk. He tipped very well for his good fortune. Mind you, this was in a wild $1/2 NLHE game, which not long after converted to a $2/5 NLHE game, but the action went down after the conversion.

  44. Oh, and the bad beat went out at Tuesday morning at 4am. All those potential bad beat boards I had been dealing out were, in fact, an omen. A dealer that was hired after me dealt it, of course. In fact, it was the second one he's dealt in the 2+ years he's been with us. Meanwhile, I've been dealing for a little over 3 years and have not yet dealt one. Feels bad, man.

  45. No I have not abandoned this blog! I just haven't played since late July. The bad beat went out again a couple of weeks ago, again to a dealer hired after me. From what I understand, tho, she didn't get treated well. That sucks. I've been meaning to play for the past couple of weeks, but haven't made it, for various reasons. One player has won 3 of the last 5 or 6 Tuesday tourneys, so I guess I'm saving money by not playing when he is. My ex is off next week, so maybe she'll prod me into getting up and playing. We haven't spoken in a while so I don't know that for sure, but I can hope.

  46. @zzjitterzz - glad you are still blogging and trying to get some poker playing in. Hang in there buddy and run good when you do play.


  47. Yeah thanks Dave. Not much was happening there for a while, but now it's coming in bunches- I dealt 3 straight flushes today, 1 in the tournament, and 2 in cash games. Both of the cash game ones were *thisclose* to the bad beat. I had a ton of close calls in the 2 weeks before it went off a month ago, so I'm wondering which new dealer is about to deal it this time? Lol.

  48. Played in my room for the first time in 6 weeks earlier today. My ex mentioned to me yesterday that she wanted to play, so that spurred me on, although we didn't meet or anything before the tournament. In the fourth hand, I had JJ and raised a known LAG's limp to t325 (level 1, t50/100). He reraised to t1625. The maximum hand I put him on was AK, so I shoved, and he called, holding exactly AK. The board ran clean and I more than double early. I chopped with another player when we both held K9 and flopped a 9. We played the hand the same way because we're both pretty similar players. Then, I had a multi-way draw that missed, but my river bluff got everyone to fold. In level 2 (t75/150), I look at AcQc and raise to t425. The only caller is the lady with whom I chopped earlier. Flop is Queen-high, one club. I bet t600, she raises to t1600, I call. Turn Jc. I check, she bets t1600, I think about check-raising all-in, but just call. River is the beautiful 7c. I bet t2200, she calls with AQo. She also said she probably would have called to turn shove. Darn, missed opportunity. My initial RunGood couldn't last forever, however- in level 3 (t100/200), a guy in MP meant to raise, but only put out t350, which would have worked in the last blind level, but it had just gone up. I 3-bet to t1000 with AA OTB, and he calls. Flop in 8-7-6 two spades. I get a sick feeling in my stomach that the flop is bad for me, but I bet t1300 after he checks. Turn J, he shoves for t3300. Dammit! I make the crying call, saying I'm probably paying off Jacks, but he rolls over T9 for the flopped nuts. I should have raised more pre, or folded when all my instincts said to. Oh, well. I win a small all-in with QJ when a Q turns and it holds against AK and another caller's 55. I chop A6 against A7 when all high cards come out on the board, which is fine. At the first break, I had t13,700. I missed my BB because I was late returning, but I won a little bit the next hand in my SB. Then, I go utterly card dead and get short. I do get AA and shove, winning the blinds. Then, the guy who cracked my earlier Aces, opens for t2500, which is exactly half of his stack. I look at AsJs and push. He calls off with KQo and I'm praying for revenge. Flop is 8-8-3, okay, but the turn is an ugly K. River blanks and I double him up again. Can't beat blind luck, I guess. Now I'm super short. I shove my remaining 2bbs with As8s & get called by KhQh. This time, no paint and I double. Then, the LAG I busted in the fourth hand sits next to me and shoves blind. I look at 77 and reshove. He has K8o and I win the race to bust him again & double. But then it all goes to hell. I lose JJ to AKo, even getting a flopped OESD but bricking, for 40% of my stack, then losing the rest Ah9h<smaller pair. Can't go very far when you can't win races. My ex busted about an hour earlier and left. I get into the cash game but it doesn't go well there, either. I add on $100 after my AQ loses to QT when a turned Ace gave him the straight. After being card dead for an hour and a half in the cash game, I pack it up and leave. I go upstairs to the new sportsbook to bet the Cubs to win the World Series at 22/1, and the Packers to win the Super Bowl at 12/1. Apparently today was the day to light money on fre, lol. I don't know when next I'm going to play, but my bankroll is very low right now, as my traditional summer losing streak is in effect. I've had one winning session since late March so I guess it'll be November when I finally turn it around.

  49. Played in my room for the first time in 4 weeks earlier today. A supervisor is quitting today so I figured I'd go in, give him some crap, and get some of his cake. I got there just after it started and immediately got a seat. I had a lot of premium hands early on, but my timing was all off- AK on a junk board, have to fold; JJ gets a safe flop but an Ace on the turn means I lose to a lucky idiot's poorly-played AQ; and AK again has to fold on yet another unfavorable flop. I do get some back from the lucky idiot when my J9 in the SB flops two 9s and he can't fold, which is pretty much his M.O. I bust a short stack with QQ in the BB against his T9 OTB to get back above starting stack, but lose a significant chunk in the next hand- with KK, I raise to t500, lucky idiot in the BB calls. Flop 4-4-5. He checks out of turn, I bet t600, he calls. Turn 6. I bet t1000, he then realizes I'm first and calls. River Ace. I bet t1500, he sighs, hangs his head, and raises to t3500. I show my kings and fold. He shows 55. Hilarious hollywood attempt, dude. I had a target but I was card dead for most of the next two levels until break. I did shove with Ac7c and win the blinds to have t2600, or just over 4 BBs coming back. I find AJo UTG and shove. SB calls for less, and the BB overcalls. SB has 77, BB is just trying to catch with QTo. Flop is A-6-8. Turn 6. River brick and I almost triple up. The #RunGood (which, by the way, is happening right now at Horseshoe Council Bluffs, and under normal circumstances I would attend, but my tiny bankroll and bad luck streak dictate I skip all travel for poker) continues when two shoves occur ahead of me, I look at JJ and overshove. The lucky idiot almost calls with TT but folds. I'm up against AKo and A7o. Flop is J-8-8. Yee Haw! Turn is a King for a tiny sweat, but the river 8 seals it up for me and I scoop both pots. Now I have t12,600 and can play a bit. But, card death comes and I bleed off about 40% of it, so I have to start shoving again. So, MP opens to t2500 (blinds t500/1000), I find As4s on the button and shove. Lucky idiot in the SB tries to shove but says call, MP folds. He has 33, so about the best I can expect. Flop Ax-Ks-3s. So, not drawing dead, but not there yet. Turn & river brick and I'm done. It's true, you can't beat dumb luck. I've never seen someone make so many mistakes yet get rewarded. I looked at his stack before I left and he kept increasing. It was his day, for sure. I decline to play the cash games, despite one of them looking super juicy, because I want to go home and enjoy the nice day. I hope I can book a winning session soon. Losing sucks.

  50. @zzjitterzz - losing does suck buddy. All you can do is take some time, do some studying away from the table and go back fresh and ready to crush.


  51. So, the bad beat went out yesterday, about 20 minutes after I started working. Did I deal it? Uh, no. The same dealer that dealt the last one dealt this one, too. This time, tho, the players took really good care of her- even the old, notorious stiff player tossed her a blackbird- and she passed it along to the rest of us- she gave the other dealers $25 each. I didn't know that was an option. Anyway, so she's been working for a year as a pit dealer, so she's not even over in the poker room all the time, and has dealt 2 of them. Consecutively, no less. I'm coming up on 3.5 years in the poker room, and 3 years full-time, and I have yet to deal it. One of my supervisors dealt for 6 years and never dealt one, so I'm more than half-way to beating his record. I'm just going to have to grind out a living.

  52. Played in my poker room again today, mainly because I was going to an event in the conference center so I had some time to kill. Also, I think I'm getting the itch to play more. Anyway, I got there about 15 minutes after it started but got seated immediately. I started out hot for the first 4 levels- I got 88 and open-raised. A player in LP called and we saw a flop of 8-K-K. I c-bet, he called. Turn J (I think).I bet small again, he called. River Q, I lead out a third time, he raised, I shoved, he called & lost with AQ. That got me a good stack and I put it to use. I then got lucky when I called an all-in with KJ and ran into AJ but I got a King on both the flop and river to bust him. Right before the first break, I had A5o and saw a flop of A-8-5. I checked and my opponent, who happened to be the same guy I busted earlier 88>AQ, also checked. Turn T, I bet, he called. River J, I bet, he shoved, I insta-called. He had JTo for an inferior two pair. That got me to t28,600, which is a great stack at that moment. I would had just under 48 BBs coming back. But, the next four levels were quite dull- I went card dead and doubled up shortys 3 times, twice when ahead, but I stole a few pots to have exactly the same t28,600 chip stack at the second break. Now with only 7 BBs coming back, I knew my mission. We were down to 20 players, paying 10, more then $1100 up top. We lost a couple of players quickly then I doubled up a short stack yet again, only to recover that and then some when I shoved QQ from the SB and got called by KTo OTB. The board ran clean and I scooped. Then, I made a tremendous mistake- in the SB, I thought it was just me & the BB, but I didn't see nor hear that a MP player had already shoved, so when I said "call," I was all-in with Q2o. He had JJ but I was bailed out by a flopped Q. I faded the draws and doubled up completely by mistake. That gave me the table chip lead and we were on the bubble. I stole a few blinds and the bubble burst meaning we were at the final table and the money! We lost five players in rapid succession then we stalled out at 5 left. I doubled up a short stack again when I shoved over an open with JJ in the SB, only to run into the BB's AA. Hoo boy. Anyway, we got to the third break, still with 5 players. I had t130k (I had somewhere near t200k at the peak) coming back to t15k/30k, so no play was available, just shoving and calling. well, I ran good and busted 2 players, my heads-up opponent busted the other guy, and we went to battle. He was probably the best remaining player and I kinda knew we were going to go heads-up for the title. I had a t320k-t200k chip lead but it didn't last long- I made one ill-timed raise, over which he shoved, causing me to fold. Now almost dead even in chips, he shoved and I looked at Qd9d and tanked for a bit. I almost laid it down but called anyway. He had A5o and we saw a flop of 2-9-5. Sweet! Turn 5. Blast it! River blanked and I was down to t10k. We dealt the next hand face-up, and my A8 and his A3 chopped, lol. The next hand was also dealt face-up and my 74 couldn't overcome his better-than-that hand. I finished second for a payout of $722. Because I also deal there, I tipped $62, therefore taking home $660 for a $600 profit. It feels good to book a solid win, especially after playing mostly good poker. I'm not going to say the losing streak is over, but it would be nice to say this is a start of a giant upswing.

  53. @zzjitterzz - nice work. Way to luckbox the Q-2 :)

  54. So I put a post on a few days ago, but it's not appearing, for some reason, and I don't remember what it was about. I do know the bad beat went out again a couple of weeks ago, at 2am on Saturday morning, and dealt by a table games dealer yet again. I dealt a flopped royal flush yesterday, but no other hands, so no bad beat for me. The players were talking about how that would pay up to $5000 in some rooms, but we have no high-hand bonus. I'm not going up to Meskwaki later today, like I usually do, because at the time I had to make the decision to take the time off, I basically had no bankroll. I'm starting to rebuild now, but I don't think it'll be good enough for me to go to the RunGood poker series in Kansas City in the beginning of December. I still have a few weeks to decide, tho. We'll see.

  55. And the bad beat went out yet again last Tuesday, once again dealt by a table games dealer. So, because of that, the current jackpot is in the mid-4 digits. I'll probably deal it now that it's next to nothing, lol.

    I'm currently leaning towards not going to Kansas City next month for the RunGood Poker Series. It would just be an expense I don't want to incur right now. As an alternative, I'm thinking about taking Sunday the 15th of December off and playing the monthly Deepstack in my poker room. Previously, it was a blackout date, unavailable for vacation days, but since we have so many table games dealers trained to deal poker now, apparently that's no longer the case. It would only be one day off, and a bad one at that, as opposed to 2 days off and a bunch of travel expenses. I just have to clear it with my manager. Good luck to me!

  56. So, a couple of updates. I have meant to play the last couple of weeks, but other things have kept me away. Last week, my ex called me and wanted to hang out, and since time is precious with her, I didn't play. This week, I just couldn't wake up in time, but it's okay, I got a lot of other things done. I also didn't get the day of next month's deepstack off, so that's off the table. But, I had a really good day working today. I've been dealing poker for about three and a half years now and have yet to get a blackbird for a tip. But I got one tonight! We had a big $5/10/20 NLHE game today and I pushed a humongous pot to a known George. It set a record for my single biggest tip received in any occupation (I've delivered pizzas for multiple companies, drove a cab, and now dealt poker, all reliant on tips for income), and then I pushed an even bigger pot to a different player and got another one to tie it! Also, the day's total set a new high mark. It was much needed as it's been slow lately. I assume I'll have to deal the bad beat to top it, or just push multiple huge pots to the right people in the big game again. Hey, it can happen!

  57. Played in my room yesterday for the first time in over 2 months. I got there just after the tournament started but got seated immediately. I was mostly card dead all tourney. The one good hand I had was Ah7h. The flop was two hearts and I check-called a bet. Turn was the Ad. I checked, my opponent bet t800 or so, I raised to t2500 for value, he called. River was a third heart. I shoved but he found a fold. That got me to almost double starting stack, but the card death persisted, so on the first break I had t9200, or just over 15BBs. I was there for the remainder of the tournament, in fact. I just started shoving in optimum spots. It got through several times, until I had ATo in EP and just open-raised to t2500. I got a couple of callers and we saw a flop of T-5-5. I shoved, the next guy tank-called, all others folded. He rolls over TT so I'm drawing dead to running Aces. Nope! Out in about 30th after about 2 and a half hours. On to cash games!

    I got fortunate to get the cash game that was loose and deep. I ran very hot and had an excellent session. Also, most of the players were laughing and having fun. I started off right when I had K9o and called a small open. Flop had a 9 and a couple of blanks. A player bet, a couple of others called, as did I. Turn was a blank, checks all around. River was another blank, and the last player shoved for less than $100, but it was still a substantial bet. I counted out the call and tanked for a bit. It felt like a busted draw, and I had enough chips left over to spin up, so I called. He said "good call" and did indeed roll over KQ for a busted straight draw. My middle pair was good! I then made a small raise in position with Ks3s and got a call from a loose player. Flop was 3-3-7. He checked, I bet small, he called. Turn was a blank. We both checked. River was inconsequential, he bet, I raised, he called. Bottom trips were very good. I also won huge pots when my ATo flopped an Ace & turned a ten, and got all of a guy's stack when he called off with AKo. My AKo won, however, when I flopped a gutshot- Q-T-x, called a bet, got the magic J on the turn, and we got it all-in on the blank river. I also made a huge turn shove on just the nut flush draw to get a guy off his hand and scoop a decent pot. I did have a few stumbles where I paid off a couple of players, but they weren't huge, so I kept most of my stack. After about 2 and a half hours, I was getting hungry, and I had exactly $1100, or +$800 from my initial buy-in. That's about $150 down from the peak, but I was very happy with that, so I racked up and left. It's good to be on an upswing. I hope it continues.

  58. Played in my room this afternoon at the behest of my ex. I wasn't going to play because I didn't think there would be many players and, therefore, a small prize pool, and I wanted to relax today, but she convinced me, and I want to spend time with her. I offered to stake her because I know I have more money than her right now, and she graciously accepted. She went to play cash games before but I got hungry so I went off to eat. When I got back, it was almost tournament time, and I think we initially had the same tournament table, but they closed it and made us redraw, so we got neighboring tables. I don't remember the details but I know I had a few good hands and gathered some chips. I looked over at my ex's stack and got worried when I didn't see any big chips, but then she rearranged them and I saw quite a few! She gave me a thumbs up when I showed her my big chips, and I nodded at her stack. At the first break, I had t9300, she had about double that. A bit of card death set in, so I started shoving to pick up chips, doing so successfully a few times to gain a few thousand chips, but I gave them back in the blinds. I got moved to another table to balance it, and did make a couple of moves, but only those as that table broke and I got moved to my ex's table. There were many big stacks at this table, her included. We were down to the final 2 tables, but only 5 were being paid, so I had a lot of work to do. I was still in shove mode with my ~10bb stack, so when I found 55, I open-shoved. A player who normally plays high-stakes cash called, which was ~90% of his stack, everyone else folded. He had 44 and I was in good shape. The board ran clean and I doubled up. That gave me a ~25bb stack, so I had some room to breathe. My ex busted when she ran into a flopped set and unfortunately made TPTK on the river and shoved it. She happened to be taken out by the husband of a lady she busted, so she told him to say he got revenge. I raise to 2.5bb with 88 and got called by the BB, and older, straightforward player. The flop was A-9-X. Check-check. Turn X, Check-check. River was no help to me, so when he bet, I folded. That miss and the blinds going up meant I, once again, had ~10bbs. I missed a chance to more than triple up with QcJc, but there was significant action, so I folded. I would have made the nut straight, but at the time, I was way behind, so my fold was correct given the situation. Finally, there was one was limp to me, so when I saw A8, I shoved. Everyone folded except that one limper, who slow-played JJ, so he called. I did flop an 8 but no other help means I was out in 11th. My ex just so happened to text me to call her when I won, but when I called her immediately, she knew I was out, so we consoled each other. I'll write up my year-end review next week.

  59. Here's my year-end summary: I finished 2019 in the black! Overall, I'm up $350 in a little over 100 hours of poker play. Not a lot of volume, but that suits me just fine. I also didn't do 25 tournaments at my home casino to exactly compare to last year. Breaking it down, I'm up $695 in tournaments- -$165 at Prairie Meadows (16 entries for $960, 2 cashes for $795), -$855 in Las Vegas rooms, and up $1715 elsewhere, which this year consists of Horseshoe Council Bluffs and Meskwaki. I can thank the huge win at Horseshoe CB in February for basically carrying me this year. I played one cash PLO session and lost $480. (Goal: next year, play more PLO and win some $$$). In NLHE cash, I had a net profit of $135- +845 at PM, -$185 in Vegas, and -$525 elsewhere. Next year, I hope to run better playing cash outside of my home casino. I had my summer slump again but I counteracted it this year by not playing a lot during it. I hope 2020 is the year I break that pattern. Happy New Year everybody!