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Happy New Year everybody! This will be my thread/blog for 2020. Here I will post all things that happen to me while dealing or playing poker over the next 12 months. Thanks for reading!


  1. @zzjitterzz reminds me of the old days I rarely ever check here now . Look forward to hearing more

  2. @zzjitterzz Glad you started 2020 off well. Keep working on removing the bad play from your game and just improving your game overall. It's a long road, but worth it to do.

    P.S. yeah there aren't many of us old AVPers left.

  3. @DapPoker Yep, I miss the old days too. Loved the private meet-up tourneys we had, and hooking up with others whenever anyone was in town. I rarely check in here anymore either. The OG of AVP Facebook page is still fairly active though.

  4. I see the blog is back up at least through the January posts, so I figured I'd give it a bump.

  5. @DapPoker too bad it doesn't bumanf nice cash games zz

  6. Yeah, I'm back, but none of my posts from this year are here. They're supposed to be looking into it. We'll see if they come back. If not, *shrug emoji*