10 Quick Poker Strategy Tips

Strategy & Advice by MyTeamPoker Posted

1 . Play Fewer Hands And Play Them Aggressively
2. Don’t Be The First Player To Limp
3. Semi-Bluff Aggressively with Your Draws
4. Fast-Play Your Strong Hands to Build the Pot and Make More Money
5. Defend Your Big Blind (with the Right Hands)
6. Fold When You’re Unsure
7. Attack When Your Opponent Shows Weakness
8. Play Solid Poker Early in Tournaments and Don’t Worry About Survival
9. Only Play If You Feel Like It
10. Only Play In Good Games


  1. 11. Play the game you are in. You can GTO play at a weak table but exploiting the mistakes they are making is much more profitable.

  2. I’d change number two to: Know what is going to happen if you limp. (Everyone limps behind you, and the last person bets pot)

  3. #2 - Don't ever limp in!