7c5c in the BB

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Action from recent hand @Ocean's 11
Utg opens for 35$ in a 2-5nl game 800 effective. Low jack, high jack, cutoff, and button all call, SB folds. I have 75cc in BB so I call closing action and getting a tremendous price. Flop come down AcQc6c, I quickly splash 60$ into the pot to induce action. Utg plays real fast, instantly makes it 180$ the field snap folds back to me. I think for about 10 seconds considering the stack depth, and available draws, and the action guy I make it 385.00, he snap moves in the rest. I call, he announces DO YOU HAVE A FLUSH. I say yes.. turn 4s river 7h villian flashes Ace...



  1. You’re both idiots!

  2. @FunGus Agreed

  3. Got max vulue, and faded any more clubs... You said it yourself. Great odds preflop and got a great flop. He didn't have to 4 bet you on flop. That's his mistake. Then they want to point out your missplay! Never there own.

  4. What an ass you are..