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It's tax season and work has kept me away from poker since the new year. Last weekend I finally made a late night foray to my local casino for a $2/$5 NLH game. I bought in for $500 and after about two and a half hours had $534.
In MP I watched action fold to me. I looked down at 3c-3s and opened for $15. Everyone folded to the Button who called. The SB raised to $30. BB folded. I called and the Button called. 3 of us went to the flop with $50 in the middle.
The flop was Qh-3h-6d. The SB was sitting behind $621 and the Button had $810. SB led out for $60. I'm pretty sure that I have the best hand here. I'm not super confident in my reads because I haven't played in awhile but I think that SB probably has a premium starting hand. She seems to be pretty tight and is a conservative bettor and raiser even when it looks like she has the goods. I think she has a big pocket pair (T-T-A-A) or A-K, A-Q. I raise it up to $150. The Button folds. The SB goes in the tank for a few minutes. She tries to talk to me, "Queens? Aces?"
I stay quiet for a minute and then say, "How did you guess?"
She says, "Which is it?"
I tell her, "I don't know. I have to look." I peek at my cards and then say, "'s Queens and Aces."
She tanks for several more minutes until another player calls for time. Then she says, "I think I'm going to what the hell, I'm all in for whatever this is." She starts pushing chips toward the middle.
Something about this didn't feel right. Her little performance felt contrived but, at the same time I hate getting felted so I went in the tank. The only way she beats me is with Queens or Sixes. I think she might have played Queens harder pre-flop but I have to consider that Sixes are a real possibility. Ultimately I decide that possibility is not high enough to make me fold...just high enough to scare me so I call $354 of it and I'm all in. Was it the right call? A good or at least a reasonable call? As always, I'll be back with what happened later on.


  1. I hate when they do all that bad acting. She deserves a razzie for her performance. I would've called easily.

  2. KK! So I would definitely make the call. Who performance is bush league for sure... but her asking QQs or AA tells me either of these are her holdings. So her range is either 66, KK, AKh, or A-Xh. If her conservative approach holds true, then you can remove 45h and 45o from her range.

    Her tone when asking these questions will tell you a lot if she is trying to drag you along. Was her neck pulsating, if so she has KK.

    One mistake on your part is responding; I would have stayed stone cold and let her sweat. A min raise to $30 leads me to believe that KK is her holding, and she wouldnt 3bet with 66 unless she thought you were opening light.

    - Irish

  3. @Irish_Poker Her**