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I had KQ diamonds in the BB...raise to 80...folds around to the SB he calls heads up action...flop comes 6,2,8 two diamonds..SB bets 20 I raise 80 he re raises to 120 I shove for 280 with my flush draw...SB calls...he flips over 6,2 off...I show my suited draw...turn and river are blanks...he wins....was I in the wrong? I feel like vs the blind I'm good..even gto says the same thing..I've ran the cards a million times in person yet I get mixed results...anyone have any thoughts on this play...BTW we were 9 handed and big stack was 800..I feel I did the right thing and he was playing garbage with his 6,2 was I wrong for thinking I was good to go?


  1. Too many variables to know.

  2. If this is a 1/2 game or even a 2/5. - I would love to sit at a table with someone who calls $80 out of the blind with 2 and 6. But you must figure when he calls and he shoves or calls your shove that he's got a big pocket pair. You would never guess he's got such trash holding. But you should have figured you were behind post flop no matter what he had. Preflop your at 45% versus a lower pocket pair. But much lower after you miss the flop. 15% I'm guessing. not sure.

  3. On the flop SB needed to raise to 140..

  4. @Kane88 why would you put in 280 to chase a flush that's to much.u should fold when he re raised.

  5. @marioarceo exactly

  6. A couple of things. First, it's not a bad beat. You didn't even have a hand. Second, too many variables. For instance, he could have had you pegged by watching your play. He was also small blind and last to call which automatically gave him a huge jump in percentage of winning. He raised you, maybe a bluff, and you still called again, nothing. Just because he played bad cards, it doesn't mean it was a bad play if he knew what he was doing. If you overthink your hands like this, you have a loooong road ahead of you in gambling.

  7. @kc1230 exactly

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    Not really about what SB had; a draw is a gamble. Your bankroll is your best guide to whether the SIZE of the gamble was good for you; whether the RAISES were good for you depends on your perception of the likelihood of their causing a fold. (In low level play people will hero-call with anything or with nothing though…)