HORSE Advice

Strategy & Advice by HarveyBirdman Posted

Saw someone was looking for mixed game play info and playing HORSE is up my alley - when I can. Seems like the mixed games would be a good chance to win a bracelet so I've been practicing as much as I can. Never played a mixed game at the WSOP before so I'm curious as to what games are the softest playing HORSE. Beating players at games they're bad at would be a huge advantage so I'd like to know how to best spend my training time. Thanks!


  1. That's good advice. The looks on people's faces when they screw up playing too hard for a low makes me laugh. HORSE is a much more mathematical game and people don't put in the time to learn it.

  2. Play open face chinese!

  3. There's a reason big-time pros usually win the mixed game events. They're out there playing those in high-stakes games every night. I don't know if there's a particular phase to study as much as just getting out there and getting live reps more than the next guy. The more times you're in a situation, the better you'll be able to handle it under pressure. Get to the tables, play and study.

  4. I've found people tend to go crazy when Limit Hold 'Em comes around. They play it like no limit and build pots too much chasing draws. Seen a lot of desperate plays get made during LHE so be ready to pounce there.

  5. Work with some experienced players and plug your leaks. If you play enough, you'll find out what you need to correct. Don't worry so much about where others struggle. Make sure you don't.

  6. Discipline in the split games is the key to me. So much chasing going on in those and you can win big pots if you play them right. Razz is easy once you get the feel of it. But the split games to me are where HORSE tourneys are won and lost.