I folded AJ of spades

Strategy & Advice by Ruperto Posted

I had about 485$ on me starting with 140$
When I raise pre-flop $15, then he raise me to $98 another guy short stack called them for 45 bucks and then it was up to me. I ended up folding.!!!
Are the flop came out 7A46T!!!
I guy had QQ!!!!! I feel like shit that I ended up leaving
I feel like I shouldn't be gambling if I can't make that call??


  1. Good fold.
    Wait for next good chance.

  2. No, you should give up gambling if you get upset about making the right play because you “would have” won. Would you have felt the same way if you had 5-8 and folded?

  3. Yep not a bad fold.

  4. Sick brag about the good fold.

  5. Dude AJ suited is only like 33% equity against QQ, he was twice as likely to win as you. You made the right play, you can’t be results oriented on a single hand. Sometimes you do the right thing and you lose and sometimes you make the wrong play and you win (and this can be much worse for you in the long run).

  6. Embarrassing hand history. Study up kid

  7. @Uncle_Bad_Touch great advice

  8. How often does your high pocket pair lose to the big ol’ Ace? 😏
    It’s about playing well, consistently, that earns you cash. Outlasting the ones who don’t!
    Peace bro!

  9. @Toddl984 🤦‍♀️

  10. @LuckyFrank so good fold?

  11. @Ruperto yes, good fold. Unless he’s making a move, he’s not 3-betting there with anything that isn’t stronger than AJ