I keep getting 3-bet preflop

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Will someone please give me some advice on how to handle getting 3-bet preflop every time I raise? I don't get it, it's like they know what I have. When I shove they fold, and when I have a weak hand like AJ, I just fold myself. I don't have the guts to staff shoving hands like AJ because everytime I go off by doing that they call and get beat.

Any advice on how to play back at people that relentlessly 3-bet would be appreciated. This has been happening to me a lot when playing live and online.


  1. There's a lot of factors that can go into that. My bottom line is that I'm not playing a hand if I'm not willing to at least call or re-raise the 3-bet. Sounds like you're putting yourself into bad spots.

  2. It's all about position. If you're raising with that AJ under the gun or an early position, you have to expect you're gonna get popped. My guess is you probably need to re-examine what hands you're playing in early, mid and late positions and fix that problem first.

  3. Bully is gonna be a bully until you stand up to him. The most fun thing to do is when you're in position is 4-bet him with a garbage hand, get him out and show the bluff. Like to know if this was tourney or cash though because you can always re-load in a cash game and set him up for later.

  4. @pokerking Yea I agree with you on that. I keep reading about polarizing and trying to make raises with strong and weak hands, but i'm obviously doing something wrong. Or maybe i'm just being too conservative and i should start making a stand.

  5. You don't have to fight back every time but realize there's a point where you lose profitability if you keep folding.

    For example, blinds are 10/20. You raise to 50, he pops to 125 and you fold. If that happens twice but then you re-raise the 3rd time and he folds. You lost 100 and got 125 and that's if it stays on the same blind level. So you come out ahead. Let's just say it happened 3 times at 10/20 but then you wait to 20/40 to fight back. So you lost 150 but in one hand pick up 225 or 250. That's still a win.

    So don't be afraid to fold to re-raises but you have to know when the time to fight back will be.

  6. You need to check what hands you're playing in what position. Hand ranges open up the closer you are to the button. So it's easier to defend that AJ in later position than early. Overall, though I'm guessing you're just wussing out and need to be ready to defend your raises.

  7. Take some good notes on the hands this is happening - hand, position, betting, etc. If you can put together about 10-15 of these hands, you can then break down exactly what's going on. It'll probably stand out pretty well on paper.