Odd Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo Hand

Strategy & Advice by orioleguy Posted

So I'm in a HORSE tourney and run into this little gem in Stud Hi/Lo.

We're 6 handed with 12 players left. 100 ante, 500-1000 limit. A lot of us were pretty short stacked. I'm sitting around 7k. I get A 10 in the hole and 3 up. I have the bring in so I complete. I get two callers. One solid player to my right and a rookie two seats down (guy had A2357 in razz and nearly mucked it). The rook is who I end up tangling with and he's actually in decent shape on chips around 15k. He's showing 10 .

I get J on 4th street. He gets K . All three of us checked.

5th street - I get J so I'm showing jacks and a 3. He gets Q . I bet, he calls, other player has garbage and folds.

6th street - I get 3 , he gets 8 . So here is where we are.

Me: A 10 - 3 J J 3
Him: X-X - 10 K Q 8

So at this point, I fire out with the two pair showing and have around 3500 left. He instantly calls.

I brick 7th street. Piecing the puzzle together I figured he isn't calling my two pair showing without a made hand and of course there is no low in play with what's showing. I check, he bets and I fold. We went to the final table and I'm holding about 3500. I did hang on to the 800-1600 level but got knocked out in 8th.

Any suggestions on what I could have differently?


  1. If the guy wasn't a rook, I'd have said you should have bet 7th. Too bad you had to lead, you might have been able to put extra pressure on him on 6th.

  2. You slowed down in early in the hand. No C-bet on 4th cost you there. You may have gotten the other guy out by 5th if you'd have fired there.

  3. TLDR and not enough info (need dead cards). You have 7 big bets so you are pretty much pot committed with anything more than minimum bring-in. If clubs are live make minimum bring-in and go for reraise/jam. If clubs are dead bring in minimum and hope for a free card or wait for a better spot. Either way there are no more decisions to be made after that.

  4. That was a strange hand. Running jacks actually hurt you. I liked you tried to show strength but you had to assume you were down even with the pair. And showing strength to someone who doesn't even know what you're trying to do is not a good tactic. Never bluff a beginner.

  5. I still say fire on 7th. So you were going to basically be playing one hand for it anyway so why not look him up? He could have been full of it.