20,000 starting chips.First hand and I'm small blind.100..5 position raises to 600.. Lady next to me calls and I raise to 4500.. First raiser folds lady next to me calls.Flop JJ4..I raise 6500 and she calls.I slow down for the turn and river check check..She has pocket 4s and takes the pot with a set.Did I lose minimum or should I have changed strategy?


  1. I would have sized a bit smaller pre-flop. 3000 would be about right... except you got someone to call with pocket 4’s. If that’s how your table plays then keep sizing up.

    Betting 2/3 on flop makes most worse hands fold. I’d expect you to get looked up with a pocket pair or a J.

    I’d expect all boats and J’s to bet on the river. You could bet small for value but don’t expect to called often by a worse hand. Check is more standard.

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  3. @Latenightpoker8 truthfully alot of the times I have AA,KK,QQ or big slick if I'll limp in then make a move post flop. It it only takes 2 pair to crack those aces so. I try to see a little something before going big. Unless I'm shot stacked of course

  4. I think I slow down as soon as JJ comes on the board. But reacting to that would have just been a lucky break. The real damage was done by the innocent-looking 4. It is really just irrelevant happenstance that she flopped a boat. In fact, the JJ on the board gave you extra outs to a better boat. You lost to somebody who got lucky overplaying a set-mining hand pre-flop. I think you want her calling that raise with that hand.