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So im sitting in late position with pocket Qs, about 3 limp before it comes to me, i raise to 40, button calls along with one other(ive managed to read this "one other" and hes been losing chips left and right so, his range is pretty wide). 130pot or so. Out comes 5,Q,7 rainbow. guy checks, it comes to me and i bet 80, button calls and guy reraises to 160 i call, button calls! Turn comes a 8 guy bets out 240 i tank and shove for 300+ ... button tanks for 3 minutes and folds, guy calls.. River is a blank. Give me your thoughts and/or advice on how you'd play it. Ill post results later.

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  1. If the blinds are $1 $2 and $3, then with 3 limps, there is $15 in the pot when it gets to you and no other player has more than $3 invested. Why are you making it $40 to go? I think something closer to $20 is correct. But, given the betting and stacks, I'm guessing this is actually a $2/5 game; in which case there's $22 in the pot and 4 people have $5 in. So, something closer to $40 makes sense -- I might go $30 or $35, but depending upon the table $40 is fine.

    On the flop, there's about $130 in the pot, so a $80 bet with top set is fine -- I might consider $90, but $80 is okay too. Again the exact sizing comes down to table dynamics. After a button call, the other guy min-raises to $160. At this point, there is $450 in the pot, it is $80 back to you and you have about another $300 left after that. I think you have to shove there because at that point you have less than a pot-size bet left. The button could have an overpair or some kind of draw -- like 6-8 suited or a flush draw, although we don't know the suits of the flop cards. If he has an overpair, then he might just call because it will be $380 to him and your all in will bloat the pot to almost $850, so he will be getting 2.2 to 1 on his money and will almost certainly get at least a call from the other guy. Those are pretty tempting odds with 2 cards to come. If he has a draw, then you are in good shape against any of his hands and you might as well make him pay now. The other guy has been spewing off money, but had shown strength on this flop, so he is likely going to call your all in whether or not the button calls.

    As you played it. Yeah you have no choice but to shove the turn. The pot is $850. You have a little over $300 and it is $240 to you. What other reasonable choice is there?


    P.S. my guesses for the other guy's hands are 5-5 or 7-7 for a flopped set, or else 4-6 suited that turned a straight. Those are about the only hands that make any sense.

  2. Dap poker
    M8trix casino calls it 123 but, its actually 1,3,6 nl.. Im still getting accustomed to betting the right bets and the whole table dynamic thing. So the button ends up folding two pair while the guy catches his lower straight on the turn with 6,4.

  3. @Pamac26
    Okay if it's actually 1,3,6, then there is $28 in the pot when it gets to you after three limps. In that case, the $40 makes a lot more sense -- I might go a bit smaller, but $40 is fine.

    That 4-6 doesn't surprise me at all. Nothing you are going to do there. Like I said in my initial response, my preference would be to get it in on the flop against either a draw or a hand we have dominated.

    However, there's no way you should fold top set on that turn given the pot odds. The pot is $850 and if you shove, then the guy with 6-4 has to call another $60+. So, the pot you can win is a little over $910 and it costs you about $300. That's better than 3 to 1. You are a 4 to 1 underdog against the 6-4, but are crushing the rest of his range, so you have to go with top set there.


  4. Dap poker so I just played 123 its literally 123 it has just been a while.yesterdays hand.. So, I wake up with pocket AAs on the button sb raises 15 bb calls I raise to 50(140 behind) sb calls bb folds. Out comes 2 clubs and a heart Q. There's already 115 in the pot I shove, he tanks and has a flush draw.. A9 clubs.. Turn is a club . my AAs doomed. How would you play it?

  5. @Pamac26 - you have to shove flop. Nothing you can do about that hand.

  6. Would have played it same way. Especially only calling re-raise on flop.

  7. I agree with Dap here. If there is a flush draw on the flop, I think you have to shove the flop. However, if there is not a flush draw, I actually like a smooth call trying to lure the Button in with a hand that might well be drawing extremely thin. You have top set. It seems really unlikely that you are up against 6-4 or 6-9 (I have read the results, but would say this not withstanding). But after the flop, these are still unlikely hands to be up against. You are more likely up against A-Q, for example, than 6-4 at this point (even with only one Queen left in the deck I'd still say that. Seeing 6-4 suited call for $40 pre-flop just has to be discounted at this point (and its likelihood goes up some on later streets but is still not so obvious that you can lay down on the turn)... so, I am trying to keep both opponents in the hand IF the board is rainbow. If a flush draw is out there, I am taking a line to maximally punish potential flush draws.

    Hand with A-A is standard bad beat. You have to shove with an over-pair in this spot given stack sizes and pot ratios. When you get it all in with a 65% chance of winning (or something like that), you played the hand well. Nothing can be done about bad luck. Just keep finding these spots and hope that the law averages pays you a visit soon.