Red rock poker room

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Worth playing at or not and why


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  2. Okay, sorry, PA's servers weren't allowing comments for a while there. I played there twice on my January trip. The room- indeed, the whole property- is lovely. But, being out in the sticks, it's full of locals and grinders. The multi-property Stations Bad Beat Jackpot does drive action, but you're still not going to find soft Strip-like games. Table and game selection will be key. I only played here because I was staying in Summerlin my last trip. I wouldn't waste the time or money to make a trip out there if you're staying on the Strip unless you just want to cross it off of your list of rooms played. Good luck.

  3. Not a bad room for $1-2nl. $2/5 is ok. Lots of regs and table talk. Only nights worth playing are Friday or Saturday. The room is nice, comfortable seating, friendly/knowledgeable dealers.... comp system (1000pts/hr [$1]). The 2/4 limit is a calling station-fest, 4/8 is pretty much the same and there is a kill pot for the limit games. RR also spreads PLO8/PLO and has a few decent daily tournaments.

  4. Agree with other posters. Stayed at this hotel a few months ago and was quite impressed with the hotel (although I got a fairly good rate when I stayed - under $100 per night not counting the resort fee or just over counting it - so my review is relative to the rate). Good access to Red Rock Canyon if you like some outdoor recreation to go with your casino/poker play. Also good value in the buffet (you can find better overall food quality, but you can't beat the combination of solid quality with great prices). But it really is pretty far out from the Las Vegas Strip.

    I have only played a little bit of poker here. Although I usually play $1/$2 no limit, I have twice played $4/$8 limit here. I guess I do like that they offer this game, at these limits... $4/$8 limit is all but dead on the Strip (I think you can only find this at Bellagio and the Venetian on the Strip). The $4/$8 game at Red Rock is certainly beatable... the players at the table are typical recreational players who play far too many hands and aren't aggressive enough with the hands that they do play. But, at least for me, I ultimately can find games that, on average, I can beat for a lot more money than the limit games at Red Rock. This is really only a room that I play when I happen to be in this part of Vegas.