Short Stack Issue

Strategy & Advice by theknockout Posted

Ok, let's try this hand. 7 players left, UTG +1 has 6 BB and goes all in. Play folds around to button with 45 BB - plenty of chips and calls. Blinds fold and players flip up cards. UTG +1 shows 9 9 . Button shows.... J 4 . 9's hold up and he doubles up.

What is the point of that call? He would barely have 8 BB if you just let it go and wait until blinds hit. The guy actually came back and finished 3rd when with patience he should have been gone. Thoughts?


  1. That makes no sense at all. I could see the big blind calling there if he's last to act, but only if in a tournament and he's trying to bust a player without risking too many chips. And I say only makes some sense from the BB because he already has some money in the pot. But who knows, I've seen it all at the tables, and this is one of those situations that I always wonder what people are thinking lol.

  2. Bad players don't like to fold 'sooted' anything. Not much more to it than that. Worse thing about the call is he can easily get blown off of it by a reshove from SB or BB (especially if they have seen him make light calls previously).

  3. Something like that happen very late in the Main Event. This philosphy of "I have chips so I have to call" is ridiculous. Let the corpse finish rotting and then throw it in the cart with the rest of the bodies. Too much stress on ICM and other math at time and less on common sense.

    And I hope that guy knocked out the one that called him.

  4. Did you beat the guy senseless?